Trying out foreign bathhouses

A True Story

I enjoy bathhouses here in our city. So years ago, when I travelled, I was went to Hongkong, I searched for the various different places which offered mens' baths. Some were small and some were larger. On one occasion, I went to a small bathhouse, and entered a cramp sauna. There was a mature western man with hairy chest. We all had a towel on, and I saw his cock was sticking out from his white towel. He looked a me and lightly played with my nipple. I reached for his hard thick cock and his cock was pulsating. He suggested we find a room with cushion floor mats. He took off my towel and played with my hardening cock. He sucked my nipples and I was in heaven. He knew how to turn me on. I have not been fucked before and he suggested I sit on top of him and lower myself onto his cock. It hurt abit taking his big cock, which was rather thick and was about 7 inch long. I enjoyed my first fuck and after he came, he was quite tired. I knew that I had to go to other baths around this city.

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