the hot shop owner

A True Story

I was in my 30s and i was at a sex shop looking to buy so lube and a hot gay book so i could have a hot wank when i needed it and i needed all the time. I walk in and meet this older hot man with a great smile and we got chatting over the book and my feelings to men that make my cock so hard every time i walk into his store. as time went on we became close and one day he said come at the back and he kiss me and then he felt my thick cut cock through my shorts and i moan. he pull down my shorts and my 6inch thick cut cock sprang out and his hand felt so hot and then he undress and i for the first time wanted to suck my first ever cock. his cock was the same as mine just a bit thinner then mine. i took the head of his cock into my mouth and i started to suck his cock as it was so hard and he pull my head down all the way to his balls and i could not take it all but what a felling and then he cum so much into my mouth that all i could do was to keep on gulping it all down. it taste salt and some piss but i love every drop. i want him to fuck my tight virgin arse and we set up a meet at his house next week. i live about 120km from him and he was worth the travel down to see him. when i arrived he showed me in we toke a bath togther and started to kiss and play with each others cocks mm i am so horny and the we dryed off and we went to his room he layed me down and started to suck my cock and i was in heaven then he lube up my tight virgin arse and his hard cut cock. he pushed his cock into me with the head just in i had to stop him as it hurt so much. then a bit latter he keep pushing into me i had some tears in my eyes but it was starting to feel a bit better so he by now was so deep inside me and it felt like hehad his hand inside me. butt he mas fucking me harder and harder until he blew his big load so deep inside me after he pull out and taken off his comdom i suck him dry and said i had to go. he was my first but not my last for thes straight guy that now love his man on man sex more the anythink.

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