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my ex-wife’s brother had a awesome dick! First time I saw his dick was after swimming and he was easily 7-8 inches looking at my 5-6 inches. I'm looking at my brother inlaw thinking I’ve got nothing! When I got hard I still didn’t have his length. I saw him stroking his Cock once and it was like 9-10 inches, I could feel my dick leak precum but not even get hard. When he was staying wiht us he caught me dressed up like a french maid sucking 2 black guys in our backyard one evening when I thought my ex had gone out with him and her daughter. I thought I had the house to myself, I was being a sissy slut going from one to the other till they both unloaded on my face and open mouth. I walked back inside to play with my dildo I had in the downstairs bathroom. I walked in and there he was standing slowly stroking his big Cock. I kinda stammered like why are you home? “Is that your dildo?” He asked! “Yes!” I answered. He told me to get on my knees and use it. I dropped to my knees positioned the black dildo and started to ride it looking down I quickly squirted cum onto my thighs in front of him. “Pathetic!” He said. He sat down on the edge of the toilet and told me “Lick my balls Bitch!” I did as he said and lapped the salty sweat off his scrotum. “Don’t stop riding your Daddy!” He said and I continued to fuck myself. “Have a lick of my sugar!” He said as I stared up at his Cock with a big glob of precum was hanging from his head. As I opened my mouth he took my head with both hands and drove his Cock into my throat! He started using my mouth and throat like a pussy! I was moaning and saliva was running down my chin. I didn’t hear the door and I don’t think he did either but he wasn’t stopping and he shoved hard and groaned loudly as he pumped his load down my throat! The next voice I heard was my wife and she was yelling at him to get upstairs briefly stopping when he pulled his Cock from my throat! Seeing that Cock would stop a freight train! He tucked his Cock in his shorts and ran upstairs! My wife knew about my discretions and had watched me service guys before often getting fucked by them as I couldn’t satisfy her needs. I would be allowed clean up duties! “You better have a good reason for what took place here or I’ll drag your sissy faggot ass out on the front lawn for the neighbors to see and judge you!” I told her what happened that I didn’t see any alternative. She told me to stand up and as I did the dildo fell out as I squirted more cum onto my stockings and heels. She looked at me with such disgust when she told me to go upstairs and get the paddle! I walked upstairs and just as I was passing her step brothers room he opened the door, saw me and hearing my wife downstairs in the kitchen he pulled out his Cock grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees than slapped me in the face and shoved his Cock into my mouth and started fucking my throat again! His Cock was pulsing already and he quickly started cumming in my throat again! Just as he pulled out and retreated to his room I felt her foot make contact with my baby balls like she was the field goal kicker for the Redskins! She kicked me so hard my baby balls retreated inside my body giving the appearance that I had a pussy from behind! She grabbed my hair and dragged me to our upstairs living room grabbed the paddle from the coffee table and wailed on my ass! I was crying like a little girl, she called out to her step brother and he was standing behind me! She told him this wasn’t to leave the house! She told him she needed to go make dinner but that he was to continue with my punishment for the next 10 minutes to make sure he gets both cheeks evenly and that dinner would be ready in 20 minutes! As soon as she was downstairs in the kitchen I felt his Cock spread my sissyhole and go balls deep! I was moaning loudly enough for my wife to hear but she didn’t respond until he pumped his 3rd load inside me! Than I heard her say “10 minutes!” he pulled out and continued to paddle my ass until dinner was ready.

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