Lover with an Arab Strap

A True Story

After I pulled my shorts up , I wandered around in the dark room and soon I was pushed into a corner.

I felt my cock and balls being stroked in the dark, and pulled from my shorts.

My new lover took me whole in his mouth as he pushed me against the wall.
I felt down his head and onto his chest, he had a pair of cotton shorts on. I pulled his hair and lifted him up off my hard cock.
I turned him around, pulled down his cotton shorts and entered him with one push.
I fucked him slow and enjoyed the feel of his beautiful arse.
When I reached around to stroke his cock, he was wearing an Arab Strap , his cock was hard inside it.
I came deep inside him as soon as my hand touched the Arab strap,

Now I wear my own and come every time I think of my Arab Strap Lover.

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