How I lost my cherry

A True Story

This is a true story, Its exactly how I remember it.

I was only 18 at the time and used to smoke a bit of weed. I fell in with this crowd who consisted of singles and couples who were older than me. I was a bit of a sex addict, Banging a few girls and even had a threesome with one of the couples and masturbating, Cumming whenever I could with my new toy, Like who doesn't at 18.
One of the people I felt really comfortable with was a man in his 30s, I got along like a house on fire, going to his place to smoke and drink 2 or 3 times a week.
One night it was getting late and I was absolutely smashed and he suggested I stay over at his place, I could see nothing wrong with that and I thought "Oh yeah, I will just sleep on his couch!"
He replied you will be much more comfortable in my bed. I replied Ok, I was cool with that.

So I got down to my underwear and climbed into bed. I had crashed many times with my friends growing up so felt quite at home. Anyway I dozed off and awoke a little later with him pulling my underwear down and fondling my now hard cock. I was going to say something and then thought why not let him go. the worst that can happen is I cum and that would be a positive. Then he started to spoon me with his hard cock rubbing between my buttocks It felt a bit wet, I had never encountered precum before, I am dry myself and don't precum. I was getting turned on by this new experience but said nothing.

Pretty soon he started probing at my hole with the tip, lubing it up with his copious precum. I'm thinking like wow, I have never felt anything like this.
Soon he started pushing it in a bit but I said that hurt so he lubed up his finger and started to finger my hole gently at first then using more and more lube and going deeper. He said to me would you like me to have another try.

I said give it a go so this time the head popped straight in and he stopped and let me adjust, there was very little pain, he had a long thin cock and was very gentle, rocking it in and out very slowly building up the depth and before I knew it he was up to his balls against my hole.
He started fucking me still gently in and out with a constant rhythm after about 10 minutes I was out of my mind with pleasure, My cock was harder than it had ever been before, At 18 I had never known anything about a prostate but I was getting a lesson right now.

I had to get him to stop a couple of times as I was so close to Cumming and my cock wasn't even being touched. I heard him start to moan a little and his speed picked up, his thrusts were constantly rubbing my P spot and he reached around and started rub my cock gently. That was all it took and I started to shake and cum like there was no tomorrow. Like the spurts were incredibly strong and there was so much, It went everywhere. My pulsations were working on his cock and all of a sudden he let out a huge moan and I felt his Cock harden right up and I swear it actually grew slightly. I could feel pleasant throbbing in my now well used hole. He stayed inside until he went soft and then when his cock fell out he spread my cheeks apart and inspected his creampie. He then got up and cleaned me up with a warm washer, What a gentleman. I rolled over and he Cuddled me again. I was still basking in the afterglow when I nodded off back to sleep.

Next morning when we woke up we stayed in bed talking and I said that, that was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life and couldn't work out why. He said that every man has a spot that is stimulated inside his anus and while he fucked me his cock was rubbing against it and that is what caused the massive Orgasm. I had no real understanding of this so he said would I like to try again, This time a bit differently and could I suck his cock. By this time anything was on so we moved into a awkward for me anyway 69. I took his glans in my mouth and had a taste, I thought it didn't taste too bad so I started sucking it the same way I liked to be sucked, Wet and lots of tongue. He started doing the same to me sucking and pumping me with his hand, I felt him start to finger my hole until he had worked it in and there it was! the same feeling as last night. He was sucking and fingering with a similar rhythm and I was getting the tingling feeling in my balls. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer so I got him to stop and concentrated on sucking his cock.

He was drooling Precum, I actually liked the taste, leaking constantly with little spurts every now and again. It was getting heavier and heavier and all of a sudden he grabbed my head and held me. I knew what was about to happen, A large gush of precum followed by about 6 ropes shot into my mouth. I had a bit of a what the fuck moment, What am I going to do with this cum in my mouth, I thought fuck it and swallowed every drop. He relaxed and said "Now its your turn". He started fingering my arse again and starting the rhythm sucking my Cock, the Tingling in my balls started again and I started to have another extreme orgasm. I came so hard and it was so copious he couldn't swallow fast enough and it was leaking all down the side of my cock and balls. I was a mess, but in a glad way.

We became very close friends after that night and we spent many hours enjoying our bodies. He even introduced my to another friend of his and that time I became the meat in the sandwich. I might one day tell the story of that. I never considered the gay way of life as I still loved women but I am glad I had that and other experiences and my introduction to man love which I still yearn for to this day!