Breaking me in

A Fantasy

We had been chatting for weeks now, sending photos, sexy messages, discussing fantasies, of which I had plenty, talking about experience with other guys, of which I had none, sadly. The time had come to meet though, you gave me your address, I was so nervous and horny a mix of emotions ran over my body on the drive to yours. I work up the courage to knock on your door... You answer and I come in.

Do we sit and talk? Do we share a drink? or do I just drop to my knees and take what my mouth has been longing for?

You could see I was nervous, so you run you hand up my arse and tell me to follow you. Into your bedroom we go, "sit on the bed, try and relax" you say. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, when I open them your standing in front of my, the bulge in your jeans makes my lips water. I undo you belt and slide off your pants as they fall to the floor your gorgeous member is now fully exposed, you run your hand through my hair look down at me and smile, "it's yours if you still want it?" I grab your cock and slide it into my mouth, I work my head back and fourth taking more and more in with each stroke. My cock is getting soo hard at finally having what I've spent years wanting, it felt soo good to be free. You take your cock from my mouth, stand me up and undress me, completely naked you tell me to get back on the bed and bend over. I comply with my cock so hard it's about to explode. I feel the cold lube against my my man hole, you gently massage my arse getting it ready for you. One finger in, I tense up, "relax sexy, I've got you" you say. As I breath in and out more lube is applied followed by another finger, eventually 3, it feels soo good. "Fuck me please" I beg. "Your not ready yet baby" you tell me. I hear a draw slide open then with more lube your vibrator enters me, spreading my arse, inch by inch I swallow it until it's sliding in and out my arse, I moan with pleasure, you reach around and grab my cock, milking me. With one last trust of your vibrator you remove it, "now your ready" you say.

You press your cock against my arse, "still want me?" You ask. "Please, give me your cock" I beg again. In you slide, your bigger then the vibe but I can take it, you start of slow sliding in and out applying more lube as you fuck my tight arse. Faster and faster you own my man hole, fulfilling years of thoughts that have raced through my mind. Then finally I feel you explode into my arse. You slide out, collapse next to me, as you run your hand over my now freed body, your fingers enter my cum filled hole and you whisper into my ear "Maybe next time we meet, I could bring a friend?"... until next time.