A Night to Remember

A True Story

It was a few years ago that this happened. A had come to know ( I will call him John) for a while. Nothing had happened between us until now. We had been messaging each other one day when the conversation started to get a little naughty.
We both decided that we should catch up one day. We arranged for me to go and visit him at his place on the Saturday evening. I decided I would go dressed in a nice pair of silky briefs shorts and a t shirt. I arrived and let myself in as arranged. Locked the door and proceeded down to the lounge.
John walked out of the kitchen to greet me wearing lacy pink panties and a very see through knighty. I went hard instantly. John came over to me smiled and started to kiss me. His hand reaching for the bulge in my shorts. My hands slid under his knight, up to run my hand over his nice hard ass cheek. I then knelt infront of him and started to struck his cock through his panties. We moved into the lounge where I knelt down and continued to suck his shaft through the lace.
I soon had the panties off and his shaft in my hand and the head of his cock glistening with precum at my lips. I enjoyed is hot cock in my mouth until he guided me to stand. He quickly removed my shirt and shorts then removed my briefs. He sat me down then started to enjoy my hard throbbing shaft. After a while we moved to the bedroom we both lay on our sides enjoying a hot 69. As we were enjoying each other I started to massage the entrance to his nice tight hole. He started to moan and move his hips at my touch. As I slide my finger inside he let’s out a moan and fills my mouth with his hot seed. At this I reposition him onto his hands a knees. I gently start to lick and slide my tounge into and over his hole.
By this time John starts to beg me to slide inside him. He was hungry to be filled. At this I kneel behind him and slowly started to slide my head into his tight hole. I slowly slide all the way in then slowly start to ride in and out. As he starts to moan I increase my speed. I start to pound him harder and harder. His moans getting loader and loader. I roll him onto his back and lift his legs up and open his hole inviting me to continue. I slide back in and start to pound him hard and fast. We were both looking into each other’s eyes as I started to pound harder. I started to moan as I could feel a massive organism start to rise in my body. With one last push I feel myself explode deep inside. At this I gently slide out and lay beside John. We lay there kissing and cuddling until we had recovered enough to start to dressing.
We eventually said goodnight and I went on my way.
Hoping to catch up again soon.