Adult theatre adventure

A Fantasy

I downed my last drink of the night and was getting ready to leave the bar. All my friends had left already headed home and left me by myself. I was horny and needed some dick. I walked down to my local adult theatre to see if I could get some action. I paid the entry fee and headed upstairs, I walked around to see what action and guys were around. I sat down in the video area and waited while playing with my cock.

It caught the attention of an older gentleman. He came over and sat next to me. "Can I touch?" he softly spoke to me. I nodded and allowed him to stroke me. I moaned with every downstroke as he masterfully manipulated my now fully erect cock. "Do you wanna see mine?" he said. "Yes please daddy" I submitted to him. He took my arm and guided me towards his chino shorts, I rubbed the outside of his shorts and could tell he was packing a big one. I unzipped his shorts to find a thick cut cock about 7 inches with a perfect mushroom head. I began to drool as I started stroking it. We began to attract a bit of attention, a few guys were watching and stroking. "Lets find a booth" I whispered to him.

We moved to a private booth and locked the door. He sat on the bench and had fully undressed, his beautiful cut cock now stands erect waiting for my eager mouth. I kneel down and began to bob up and down on his cock, sucking and worshiping every inch.
About 10 minutes in, he indicated to me to stand up and lay on the bench. I did as he instructed. Daddy put a condom on and lubed up my small hole and his cock. Now glistening with lube, his cock slowly entered me, pushing deeper and deeper with every thrust being gentle at first.

It wasn't long before he began to thrust me like his little slut, I moaned as daddy's thick cock driving me insane with every thrust. I was in this position for maybe 5 before he unmounted me and told me he wanted to cum. He took off his condom and began to stroke furiously over my face. I was still on the bench stroking at his speed,
"I'm cumming!" he moaned. I stuck my tongue out to catch his seed and my reward. He came all over my face and I licked off the rest of the cum on his cock. Daddy kissed me on the forehead and thanked me for a wonderful time. He left and let the door opened...