Gay ste hookup

A True Story

I noticed he had looked at my profile heaps so I checked out his, he wasn't bad looking, had a nice dick and was not far away. On my profile it was pretty clear that I wanted to be fucked and he was keen as so we arranged to meet at his place. After a quick douche and shower I put on some sexy undies and went around. I was nervous as he opened the door and welcomed me with a big smile and his eyes were on my chest straight away. As soon as the door closed he came and kissed me, an urgent kiss as he took off my shirt. He gently groped my little hormone induced boobs and as soon as he sucked them I was all his. I was desperately trying to get my hands-on his dick but he was in complete control. Id never felt sexier,felt so desired. I got thrown on to the bed, my pants got ripped off and my dick was in his mouth.I came nearly straight away and then his tounge was in my bum,forcing my jizz back in to me. He stood up and dropped his shorts and I saw what I'd been waiting for, his hard magnificent dick. I so wanted it in my mouth but he lifted me up like a wheelbarrow, put his bulging knob against my bumhole and started to push. It took a bit of pressure to get in and he started to slowly fuck me. I was in heaven, I was in love, I was his bitch. His dick felt incredible inside me and I didn't want him to stop fucking me and hearing his grunts and watching his face contort made me want him even more. Now I only wanted one more thing to make it complete, I put on my best little girly voice and said"Daddy I want to have your baby can you please give it to me? Cum in me daddy - please" He looked at me briefly then his head went back, his dick went in up to his balls and he moaned as he shot his load in to me, then held it in while he got the last few squirts out. We kissed, put our clothes back on and I left. I'd had many guys before and many girls but that was the best sex I've ever had. Wish I could find him again.