A date with Daddy

A True Story

I met this guy on this site not too long ago. We met at a local coffee shop close by to where he lived. I was nervous but horny and curious. He was an older gentleman with silver grey hair and a dad bad. Exactly my type of man. After some nervous chit chat he invited me over to his apartment. We continued our conversation and it eventually lead to his bedroom with us kissing and touching.
He had me sitting on his bed while he undid his pants. I was anticipating, waiting patiently and then it swung out, his thick semi hard cock dangling in front of my eyes.

Without even a second thought I grabbed the beast in the palm of my hands and began to stroke. I looked up and into daddy's eyes while I continued to stroke his cock, I could feel it begin to get harder and harder in my hands. Before long his 7 inch cut cock had grown to its thickest. He gently put his hand on the back of my head and guided me towards him, enticing me to suck and I obliged. I teased him a bit with the tip of my tongue, circling his pronounced mushroom like head, and he moaned with every circle, this motivated me to continue. He gripped the back of my hair and pulled my head closer, he wanted me to suck, he needed me to suck and I finally gave in.

I took the whole head of his cock into my mouth. "Fuck yes" he moaned. I sucked his cock up and down, licked all over, I could feel my now fully erect cock dripping with precum. I was addicted to his beautiful cock, the shape, the taste and the sounds of his moans.
It wasn't long before he gestured for me to lay on the bed. I knew what he wanted.

I crawled onto his bed and assumed the position, my chest and face flat on his bed and my arse up in the air, waiting for him to enter me. He lubed me up and gently rubbed my little hole with his throbbing cock. He was teasing me now, I was scared but excited by the prospect of his cock filling me with pleasure. He slapped his cock a few times and started to insert his cock inside of me. I felt a sharp pain as he opened me up, but the pain went away as he begun to slowly thrust in and out. With each thrust he was slowly increasing speed. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard" I moaned. He fucked me like this for at least 30 minutes, and I loved every minute of it.

I could tell he was slowing down because he was getting tired. I wanted more and I haven't had enough.
I told him to sit up on the bed and I would do the work. He sat up on his bed and his cock was glistening with lube and still as hard as ever. I mounted him and he guided his cock into my now gapping hole.
I bounced up and down on his cock while we kissed, it was fucking hot. It wasn't long before he wanted to cum. I sat up and let his cock rub between my cheeks, he ripped off the condom and began to jerk it.

Meanwhile I am still mounted on top of him as we kissed and he jerked his cock between my cheeks. He was getting close. He let out a grunt as a warm cum shot up my back and arse. We both collapsed on each other as cum was dripping down my back.
This wasn't the last time we fucked, we had many rendezvous after this that ended the same way ;)