First kiss

A True Story

Never was interested in kissing another man. It was something that never did anything for me while watching porn, always skipped forward to the good hard-core stuff.
Had played with a few guys, lots of oral, tossing, groping and sharing the Mrs.
This time was at a party. After being in the spa and playing with his wife while he was playing with mine, we went up to a bedroom, they went and had a look around while I sat on the edge of the bed and my wife started sucking me.
He then came to the door and asked if he could join in. Of course we said yes. He kneeled down next to her an rook over sucking me.
After a while we had him sitting on the edge of the bed and she sucked him as he leaned over and took me in his mouth again. He sat back up and I started caressing his balls while he was being sucked. I was looking him in the eyes, watching his pleasure when he gave me a passionate kiss with lots of tongue.
It was at this time his wife came to the door, she shook her head and walked away. He then kissed me again but this time I was ready and fully enjoyed the long kiss with lots of tongue work from both of us.
Was better than I ever expected.
Can't wait to kiss another guy tasting my juices on his lips while enjoying the feel of his nice hard cock.