More the merrier

A Fantasy

Love a bit of dirty talk in the bedroom. My wife was using a vibrator on my arse as I was tossing off and getting ready to cum on her boobs and licking up the precum that was dripping on them.
Were talking about fantasies and here is one.
In a room with 3 other guys and instructing them what to do to my wife. A cock in each hand which she alternates sucking them. I toss and suck the other guy to get him hard and wet, then guide his cock onto her pussy while I grab his ass and control his thrusting. Gradually teasing his hole with a finger to get him nice and loose then matching the rhythm of the thrusts I guide myself into his ass and fuck him until he cums in her pussy.
Not wanting to cum yet I pull out and make him lick his cum from her.
While this is going on I help my wife suck cock.
One of the guys gets behind me and starts fucking me doggy style. My wife sees how much I am enjoying it that she get the othe guy to suck me at the same time while pushing the guys face deeper into her pussy, she then gets him to dip his dick back into her to get a coating of cum and then guiding him into my mouth to clean it up.
Being spit roasted and sucked by another guy is to much for me. The guy sucking moves out of the way as I get an ass full of cum, I shoot my load over my wife, then finis off the last guy by deep throating until he cums in my mouth. We all then kiss each other, sharing the taste of cum with each other while my wife and I just have cum dripping out of us