My new toy and the day dream!

A True Story

My new toy has arrived!

Having gotten into the awesome feelings and sensations of prostate massagers I am constantly on the look out for the next one to try. I do have a current favourite in my collection, but always looking for one that will take the experience to the next level.. to really hit the spot and give the ultimate sensations and ultimate orgasm. I was ideally looking for one a bit longer.. as I felt i was just missing the spot exactly.. and upon browsing some sites one caught my eye.. it was about 2cm longer than my current favourite.. along with a vast range of vibration modes this one also has rotating beads in the lower shaft to give the rimming effect too.. I had to have it! So I placed my order.. also ordered some warming anal lube to try with it (that was interesting to try, but thats a whole different story….)

I got the advice my parcel had arrived at the post office.. as soon as i could get there to collect it i did and took it home and unwrapped it like a kid unwrapping a Christmas present.. i finally got though the packaging to it and it was definitely bigger then all my others.. it felt good.. looked good.. good shape and angle.. and of course the rimming beads along with the vibration modes.. it was my new prized possession! I couldn’t wait to try it out…

Found myself with spare time Saturday morning.. so went into my toy time ritual.. set up my toys.. fluids.. the bed.. I like to put aside a couple of hours for a full play session.. really take my time to build up the pressure!

When i go into toy time i line up a few.. first starting with an old favourite.. not quite as big but has very unique vibration patterns.. it’s a good one to start the session with. Along with that I have my vibrating cock ring to up the ante a bit as and when required..

In the bathroom i have my iPad so can watch some of my favourite porn… I really Ike to mix it up throughout my session.. some FF.. some MF.. some FMF… and now venturing into MMF and MM… standing all naked before the bathroom cupboard and my array of toys to play with i am ready!

Firstly i just like to play with my nipples.. tweak and play with them.. they are very sensitive and not before too long i am an extremely hard.. at this point i take toy number 1.. apply some lube to it.. stand legs apart and slide it inside me.. oh it feels good.. the vibrations are amazing… you know when it’s against the prostrate.. ill do this for some time.. changing the vibration pattern as i go along.. I have a few favourites with this toy..

Once you are on the prostrate with the vibrating head of the toy the precum just flows like a stream.. it dripping profusely from the tip of my cock.. i like to gyrate the hips.. clench my arse cheers… really have that toy moving around and massaging the prostate from different angles.. it feels amazing!

After some play with that toy I eye of the new toy! I’m keen to get that inside of me.. So at this point i put on my vibrating cock ring.. not actually turned on.. just putting in on to harden me right up and sustain that hardness! Now i gently guide the first toy out of me…

I lube up the new toy.. and head of to the bedroom where i have prepared my play zone earlier.. a couple of pillow for me to lean my back against.. I lay down on the bed.. back against the pillows and part my legs wide.. i gently bring the tip of the toy to my hole.. and proceed to slide it inside.. oh yeah.. this feels good.. and it certainly goes further in.. i can feel that from the inside out.. At this point I only have the shaft beads function turned on.. my goodness that feels great as I clench my hole around it.. it really feels like i am being rimmed…

I continue to cycle through a few different porn clips.. mixing up the type i am watching… time to turn on the vibration mode of the toy… and oh yes.. that feels so good.. over a period of time I change the vibration pattern from the remote.. to see how they all feel.. but i usually settle on the constant vibration.. but change the speeds up.. I can really feel that hitting the P spot nicely! I rock back and forth.. the sensations are wild and you really know it when you are on the right spot..

I will do this for the next hour or so.. i can feel the tension building deep within my groin.. my muscles are all tensing up… I am so hard… time to turn the vibrating cock ring on too… really get all the sensations going!

At this point my focus is more on the MM porn.. i have selected one of my favourites.. watching the guys go form one position to another.. and between different acts… they are playing with each other.. stroking each other.. giving each other oral and finally various different penetration positions.. starting wth spooning and going to doggy and then driving it home from above.. the guy inside the other while he plays with his own cock… at that stage he says he is going to cum.. i continue to rock on my toy.. building up the momentum.. I can feel I am about to cum myself.. and then as the guy receiving the penetration comes on his own stomach I tense up.. my cock feels like it is going to explode.. it goes super hard.. its then it feels like I’m going into slow motion.. i can feel the pressure from deep within.. I’m about to cum.. and i cum hard.. shooting a rather large warm load up and all over my stomach.. oh my! (I love to time my orgasm to the same time guys do in the movies!)

I lay there motionless for a while.. that felt so good! I remove the toy and just lay there for a while basking in the glow of an almighty orgasm.

After I while i think its time I go have a shower and clean and freshen up…

Standing in the stream of the shower i take the moment to just allow the water to run down my body.. I apply a liberal quantity of body wash.. begin to wash myself all over.. up and down.. across my chest.. caressing my still sensitive nipples.. i can feel hardness developing below.. i begin to clean into my groin.. my cock.. my smooth balls..

At this point I begin to ponder and slip into a bit of a day dream… just picturing and imagining what my first male experience might look like.. being I had not long ago been watching come porn it wasn’t hard for my imagination to run wild. In these particular thoughts I imagining how my first experience at being penetrated would go..

In this daydream… Regardless of what might have happened prior to being penetrated.. which could of been mutual masterbation.. playing with toys.. some oral.. 69 perhaps.. I was in imagining myself at the time of my first cock inside of me. I am super keen after experiencing the possible first male experiences i would have just enjoyed… I want more! I want a hard throbbing warm cock inside of me..

I pictured myself on all fours on a bed.. my butt beckoning to be touched.. caressed.. A male behind me.. all naked.. hard and eager to help me start my journey.. a guy with a nice cut cock.. not too big.. but not too small.. with a nice head.. just a nice looking cock!

At this point i will refer to that person as you..

You standing behind me.. naked and erect admiring my beckoning arse.. pondering the next move.. you move in closer.. you run your hands gently over my arse cheeks.. I quiver.. your hands wander.. even reaching around and under my torso where you find my hard cock.. you tease and play with that for a moment..

I feel you run your hardness across my butt cheeks.. its so hard.. I want it inside of me.. will you be my first? You reach for the lube and apply a liberal amount to your hardness… you have such a nice cock.. cut and thick.. no pubic hair.. clean shaven and so smooth…

I feel your bring your hard lubed cock tip to my arse.. you part my cheeks and bring the tip to my hole where you just circle it with the head of your cock.. then you gently press the tip inside of me.. stopping.. i take this moment in.. enjoy it.. that felt so good.. you then continue to glide the rest of your cock inside of me.. stopping once you are all the way in.. i can feel my arse clench around your hardness.. that feels so good.. I hope it feels good for you!

You then begin to slide it back out.. slowly slowly.. stopping before it comes out… you then continue to slide it back in.. then start to thrust back and forth… slowly as you go.. I’m enjoying every inch of you.. my arse so tightly clenched around you.. this is so different to having a toy inside of me.. its warm and with girth.. and with your hands caressing and playing with my arse cheeks..

Then I feel you stoke and caress my cock and balls from behind.. I am just a tense mess of tightened up muscles.. waiting to explode.. my balls are aching.. they are so full and need to be emptied.. it feels so damn good…

You continue the thrusting.. still just at a nice steady pace.. i hear you moaning.. I suspect you aren’t far from cumming.. I want you to cum for me.. and ill come for you…

I can feel you really hardening up now.. must be at the brink of exploding… you speed up a little.. i can sense you tensing up.. Then it happens.. you have arched your back… you drive it inside for one last thrust.. you are in so deep.. your muscles release.. your cock throbbing.. you cum so hard.. at this point you still have been stroking my cock and I too cum!

Anyways.. this day dream has me all hard in the shower.. stroking my soapy lathered up cock by now.. I need to unload again.. I just need to.. I am so hard and it feels so good with the lather. I quickly duck out of the shower.. grab my iPad.. quickly pick and put on one of my newly favourite MM porn clips and place it within view of the shower..

I get back into the shower.. and continue to lather up and continue to stroke my hard cock.. it feels so good.. all slippery and soapy.. (can imagine someone else’s hand doing that for me!)..

The guys in the clip have done the oral.. 69.. the stroking of each other.. frotting.. they have such nice smooth cocks.. then one of the guys slips inside the other from behind.. and begins to thrust.. before long the receiving guy comes all over his own chest.. the guy from behind pulls out and strokes his cock until he too comes.. it is at this point I cum too… and cum hard I did.. i feel the warm cum on my fingers mixed in with the soapy lather.. and then as I continue to stroke it dry!

Now i finish washing myself and get our of the shower to dry off.. that was quite the Saturday morning!

I hope you found that arousing… Now i just need to find the right cock to live it…