Hot time in the bushes

A True Story

I was feeling kinky, and dirty so I washed up and lubed up, got in my car and drove 30 mins out of town to a know cruising spot.
When I got there is it was just after 1 pm so there were a few cars parked but nothing really going on.
I got out and making sure everyone could see me in my bright cute shorts. I walked into the bushes.
It wasn't long before a truck pulled up and a butch bald trucker gets out and heads over to me. I was chewing gum, smiling and giving off pure slut vibes when he stopped in front of me and told me he wanted a blow job, I dropped down and only had time to say "only a blow job? " before he put his cock into my mouth. He was holding my head and face fucking me, he must have been in a rush because there was already precum in my mouth. Knowing the guys in the carpark could see me from behind i pulled my shorts down with one hand, slid his cock out of my mouth and breathlessly asked him if I can use his precum as lube.
"Of course you can" I ran my fingers over the head of his cock and pushed his precum up my ass, moaning like a whore, fingering my ass while he face fucked me.
Well it wasn't long before he decided a blow job just wasn't enough.
A big tree had fallen down near the entrance to the bushes he picked me up off my knees and led me to the tree, my shorts staying on the ground where I had been kneeling.
He roughly bent me over the tree and held me down with one hand as he thrust his hard cock into my lubed up ass.
There was no where to go even if I had wanted to, then he said " take my cock you little C*nt! " he wasn't gentle and I was loving it, moaning like a slut, bent over the tree getting fucked in front of the guys in the carpark. He pumped me hard for a further 5 minutes before he slowed down, held my hips and slammed his cock deep into my ass. Once. Twice. Three times before I felt him go rock hard and jerk, cumming in me bareback. He grunted with satisfaction pulled out buckled up his jeans and for good measure gave me a hard slap on the bottom. He left me there bent over the tree and panting.

I watched him get back into his truck, I was still happily half naked, cream pied and bent over when I saw one of the car doors open in the car park and an older guy started walking over to me, so I thought "why bother moving" he stopped in front of me so I looked up at him and smiled...