Suddenly curious…

A Fantasy

All of a sudden I have just had this curiosity to play with another man. To touch another cock.. to stroke another cock.. plus many other things that have come into my mind!

I have now introduced some MM and MMF porn into my wanking video library.. the guys genuinely look like they are enjoying themselves! They look like they are having fun! And it makes me even harder when watching it…

I absolutely love to masterbate… be it a play with warming massage oil.. or with a prostrate massager in play… just love a good masterbation session.. and love to make it last as long as possibly for the biggest explosion!

I love women and the female form so much… so I do not know where this has come from!

If i was to ever live out my curiosity.. i want it to be just like some of the movies I have in my collection!

This is how I could see it playing out..

Session 1.
Masterbation and toy fun.
To get comfortable and ease myself into this new world some self and mutual masterbation would be the first place to start.

Getting naked together, no touching of each other at this stage. Starting with some nice porn. Standing side by side all naked... Just playing and teasing our own bodies to start. Not touching our cocks to start with… Just playing with our own nipples, tweaking and touching... to get the arousal level up... amongst other things! With this alone I would be hard as a rock within moments... perhaps you would be too.

When we are both rock hard its time to prepare the toys with a liberal quantity of lube... then to insert them... just penetrating our butts with the first nodule... Already starting to feel the vibrations inside... once used to that… slide the remainder of the toys inside... having them go up to be against the prostate... from here can explore the different settings of the toy... the different vibration patterns... the different speeds... moving our bodies... grating our hips... finding that perfect sensation sweet spot... clenching our arse to pull the toy deeper inside... once you are in the right spot the sensations are amazing... the amount of pre-cum being released is astounding... absolutely dripping from the tips of our cocks... all this while we watch each other... watch each other’s techniques... perhaps our first tentative touching and stroking of each other’s hardness... caressing each other’s hard cock.. teasing each other’s balls... but it can be even better! Shall we go to the next level...

Moving to a place we can lay down... bringing the massage lube with us... the bed being the most comfortable... laying on our backs... side by side.. a pillow to prop our heads up... again we begin to girate our hips... rock our butts up and down against the bed... the toys moving back and forth inside... rubbing and vibrating against our prostrates… reaching even new and more intense sensations... the feelings against the prostate are even better in this position... changing the vibrations and speeds again.. its so intense!

Now reaching for the massage lube... putting a liberal quantity into our hand... we begin to stroke our own cocks... just slowly to start... cupping the head... sliding up and down the shaft... this makes the sensations of the toys vibrating inside of us even more intense... rocking up and down on the bed... stroking our cocks... the toy moving around inside of us.. all combined it is an amazing feeling! (If we both have the same toy, one remote control we could be both feeling the same vibrations at the same time)

By now it may even be that our hands are wandering to each other slippery hard cocks... again... stroking... cupping the heads... caressing each other’s balls... would be so hard... so close to the edge of exploding... but have to back off at that point... just want to make this last as long as possible..

Knowing that we can take no more... that we can no longer last.. we speed up the stroking... the vibrations are driving us wild... with one last hard stroke of each other... our butts clench around the toys.. all of our muscles release... the sensation levels going through the roof... and we cum so hard... our warm cum shooting straight up from the tips of our cocks... shooting all over our hands and stomachs... you can feel the warmth of it...

You can just imagine the sensation levels after and hour or so of playing!

Session 2.
Oral sensations.
After a showers... bit of a relax... we can contemplate some more pleasure time... in this session I envisage playing with each other’s nipples... cocks... balls until both rock hard again (like I am right now!)

Perhaps now its time to engage in some oral delight... perhaps in laying 69 position... whilst laying with each other we take each others cocks into our mouths... this is new to me... so going to have to feel my way (so to speak) as cant speak from experience! But image sliding our mouths up and down each other’s hardness... licking each other’s shaft... teasing the tips with our tongues... teasing and caressing each other’s balls as we go... how long can we last... how good will it feel... all to be experienced to find out!

Keep the playing and sucking and stroking until we can both no longer take it... cumming again!

Session 3.
If both up for it (no pun intended!)

From my experience of the prostate toy... and especially the feeling when laying on a bed... it vibrating inside... sliding back and forth... will a real cock feel good too? The hardness... the warmth... the movement... the muscles tightening and releasing...

Only one way to find out... if both keen for it... I would be in the doggy position... my butt beckoning you... You are rock hard... you apply liberal quantity of lube... you gently slide your tip into me to start... then your full hardness to follow.. back and forth gently to start.. then we see how things go! But gentle is the key... then see how it all feels and go from there!

Whilst I am very curious about all of the above... thats all it is right now... it is yet to be seen if it will ever happen... but with the right guy... the right cock... the right attitude... and the right set of circumstances... who knows!

Could that guy be you?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!