On the Anal Beat

A True Story

This story goes back to the 1993 when it seems times were a bit more wild and free and I was a very promiscuous 19yo with a body that had visual appeal to the older men and after a few drinks I knew it, so I would occasionally take advantage of this.

On this night I'd been out drinking (and maybe a bit more) and it was getting late when I did that thing where you’re out with a bunch of mates and you pretend to go home but instead jump in a taxi and go to the gay beat. This night I went a popular spot (albeit sleazy) in those days near Adelaide city called Veale Gardens and feeling a bit loose and bold I flashed my bare bum at the cars cruising the carpark and very soon a car stopped and did his window down and asked me over. We had a quick chat and he seemed ok so as I did foolishly sometimes in those days, I got in the passenger seat and off we went.

He was about mid-fifties with a bit of a belly dressed quite conservatively and seemed ok so once we had done the introductions he asked me to pull my pants down so he could look at me as we drove to a spot he said he knew of nearby. I was horny enough to take off my pants and kick them off onto the floor and show him my hard shaved cock and balls and finger my bum, licking it sluttily so he got the idea he was in for a good time. He reached over distracted from the road to have a grope and seemed pleased with his fortuitous teenslut score!

I was too headstrong and honey to be overly concerned when he pulled down a one way narrow road that led to the West Terrace Cemetary and parked in a pitch black spot and put my seat down so it was flat and started touching me while I fumbled at his pants and sprung out an impressive and hard cut cock. His hand went straight between my legs and his fingers roughly up my bum, and he gave my cock a suck and bit of a stroke before pushing his pants down and climbing on top on me so he was in the footwell. He spread my legs pushed my knees back and started eating my arsehole. His tongue in my arse was fucking amazing! I remember spreading my cheeks as wide as I could for him and grinding my hot little gay cunt against his mouth as he pressed his face into me alternating with his fingers, eating me and fingering me, my cock was so hard! I was stroking myself as this man more than double my age is dining out on my super wet fuckhole and I’m arching my back and moaning and there was no one around so I just took off my top and I’m totally nude in the car with him. He manoeuvres me around a little and now the guy has taken the liberty and is pushing the head of his bone hard cock at the entrance to my greedy little fuckhole. All I remember was smiling at him which he rightly took as a sign of approval and he just sunk that cock into me with relative ease. It was like a collective agreement between us that I needed to be fucked hard and now I’m yours to use at your leisure.

He just pressures his mature cock into me and forces it all the way in and I’m just impaled bareback my arse is clutching as I’m trying to relax as best I can to take it all and because I'm so horny and been rimmed and fingering my bum he gets all the way in no problem. I rennet he gave me that knowing look that said you’re a hot little fuck slut aren’t you?! I mean he picked me up flashing my bare bum at strangers in a park at night and not 10mins later he’s balls deep raw in me naked in his car! I might consider myself upmarket and all those years of private school and college didn’t change my shameless desire and subliminal aching to be fucked hard and often by older men. That’s the driver that got me there in the first place!

I remember I sighed with satisfaction he was bigger than I’d thought and I’m like “hey I’m ok about this as long as you tell me you’re safe?” and he just nonchalantly nods. Not exactly the most reassuring but something nonetheless, and then he just builds up on his upper body and stuffs his cock into me and puts his weight on me and pushes my knees right back as far as my hips will go and he’s fucking me nice and deep. God this guy has obviously fucked some seas before! He is just masterfully tooling me in no time, I’m wriggling around underneath but he gets the angles right and he’s pumping me now and his balls are pert up slapping against me and I’m literally laughing with the whole overwhelming force of him directed inside my burning bum hole and he feels like he’s hitting me with his cock right into the pocket of my pussy like a pitch into a baseball glove.

He starts rambling how me how he knows a man I know, so he recognised me at the beat and knew I was a hot little fuck, so he wanted to snap me up before anyone else. He’s punching my arse and pausing to tell me how I have a hot cunt and asking me if I like his duck in my “shitter”. He’s increasingly vulgar and aggressive and it’s turning me on as he calls me a whore and a slut and all the names I probably rightly deserved. Of course my naive oversexed drunken nineteen year old vanity is well serviced by this and I think I'm some sort of minor celebrity on the fuck scene as this guy flatters his way into my arsehole and has me fucking him back as hard as he is burying that mature 7 or 8inches into me. I come recommended in Adelaide! These older men want my arse! I'm thinking how much this guy want some and he has me exactly where he wants me!

Its all a bit cramped, a lot cramped! and he’s already pushed the seat base back and we swap positions for me to climb on top and ride him for a bit with my own rock hard cock flailing around wapping against his belly as i bounce downwards, and he is slapping my bum cheeks and grading his cock into me pinching at my nipples and we finally kiss, full tongues lashing together and I'm moaning away like a dumb overconfident fuckboy overcome by my own anal pleasure as the guy guides my head down and pops his cock out of me and swaps his cock from my burning gay pussy straight to my mouth without me even thinking about it. Arse to mouth and gagging on his Vick like a proper slut by now, at this point he is also almost fisting my now gaped and wanting arsehole and I'm feeling like I'm about to cum myself just from the breathless intensity of being such a slutty little slut for him.

He tells me we need more room and he's 100% right. Without thinking I agree to open the door and we fall out of the car onto the dirt and grass alongside the road and he gets me back in my spread leg position and fucks back into me. I'm totally nude it’s after midnight on a summer Saturday night and we are on the side of a public road now rolling around in the dirt just off one of the busiest roads in the city, he just gets more into it and I'm starting to think oh dear what going on here! Then of course the inevitable happens and a car pulls into the road about 200m away and the headlights shine down towards us. I am literally the rabbit in the spotlight, stunned by this and have no choice but to just lay down flat to hide with him abandoning me as he managed to clamber back into he car and sit still as this other car slowly cruises past us and does a u-turn and cruises back towards the main road. It’s probably no more than 60 seconds all up but it feels like forever that I'm lying there nude with a drilled out arse in the weeds by the road. Once the coast is clear the guy quietly opens the door for me and I climb back in. Fuck! Oh my god! Can you believe that! Was that the cops? I'm now covered in dirt and grass stains, still naked and he is actually turned on by all this his cock is still raging hard!

He positions my head to plunge down on that dick in my mouth and slurping with my pulse racing and loving this man’s hard penis throbbing as I sucked him off with a renewed passion from the extra rush of risk and excitement. He says he wants to finish in my bum and I just roll across onto his lap and guide his cock into my boypussy and with a flick of the hips and a tongue pash he is loading his cum deep in my hot shitter as he calls it and I am just giggling at this point, still naked and dirty and feeling a camaraderie with my fucker after the mini ordeal we’ve been thru to get here . It’s a lot of cum and he just about collapses with the relief of spunking my arse. I don’t even think anything is too crazy about this at the time, I guess I was just so focused on him fucking me and loving that big mature cock in me. I do remember thinking how much I earned that cum and wanted every last drop deep inside me!

He’s good enough to help me finish by playing with my cum-filled gapey arse as I grind against his hand and pull my own hard dick for him and he instructs me to eat my own cum for him. My balls are so loaded I just fire cum into the air while trying to cum in my hand and I must’ve been so horny and eager to thank him because I never eat my own cum, but on this occasion I do and I do it with the enthusiasm of a sexed up teen on the anal beat whose just had his ego flattered and a double adrenaline rush!

I got dressed again in the car as he slowly drove back towards the beat and he thanked me and dropped me at a taxi rank , my arse still twitching, dirt all over me under my clothes and the adrenaline still pumping from our adventure. We had a good laugh he is actually a good guy. I tell him I don’t normally do this kind of thing and I doubt he believes me. He did give me his number but I never called him or saw him again. And I never went to that laneway by the cemetery ever again, tho I drive past it often and it makes me think about this whole crazy event.