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A True Story

Years ago I’d heard about the “underground public toilets” in queen street. Being a non scene-er I found it hard to believe so I thought I’d go check it out for myself. Firstly I walk in,nothing seems out of the ordinary,infact there’s no one else there,so I sneak into a cubicle,lock the door and wait. After 10 or so minutes I’m beginning to think this is all just talk and i should get going when suddenly I hear a few people enter,in particular someone enters the next cubicle. Suddenly I see something under the bottom of the cubicle….it’s the most perfect uncut rock hard cock. I reach down and grab ahold of it,it’s hot and hard and feels like it’s ready to burst. Suddenly it pulls back and a finger beckons me to enter his side. Out I go not looking anywhere else the door sneaks open just enough to let me in. Without hesitation I drop to my knees and here is this huge fat uncut cock right at my mouth height. My mouth begins to water and my cock is as hard as steel as I open and start sliding this guys beautiful cock into my mouth. All I could hear was a big quiet exhale moan and I could feel the the heat of this rock hard rod in my mouth. It was so hard I could feel my lips sliding over each bumpy vein up and down up and down. The owner now sitting back like laying in a recliner each leg stretched far outward making his cock as big and huge as it could be and giving me full access. After a few minutes over pleasuring his hard rod I could feel him starting to thrust his hips forward slightly and that sticky salty taste of pre cum. I reach and start rubbing his balls. I faintly hear a whisper “I’m going to cum” and I vigorously pumping his rod in and out my mouth when I reach below his balls i feel a pumping like a heartbeat,I pull his cock out of my mouth momentary and a geyser of hot cum spurts out all over my eager face,my finger still on his spot I feel it pump and pump and pump and the quiet moans all in sync with hot sprays of thick warm cum. Omg my face was totally plastered and this guy seemed to have a never ending supply on what seemed to last for ages. I eventually put his cock back in my mouth and squeegeed any cum down to his balls then I took his still hard cock out of my mouth and licked the dripping cum off his balls. There he lay eyes closed sprawled out like he was knocked out but I could tell he infact was totally zonked out by the best blowjob he’d had in a while.