Mature Age Gays [MAG]

MAG (Mature Age Gays) was founded in 1991 by Steve Ostrow through a project of ACON (AIDS Council of NSW, Australia). Steve described it as "a peer support, social and educational group targeting mature age men forty and up who have sex with men, regardless of how they choose to identify themselves".

We participate in activities such as Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade and Fair Day, we have social nights and engage speakers on all topics of interest to our members and we have parties on special occasions.

As an organisation, MAG falls under the aegis of ACON from whom it obtains funding. But, of course, MAG likes to stand on its own feet as much as possible. MAG has its own committee elected at Annual General Meetings and raises much funding directly through activities such as Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day & raffles, as well as through generous donations of its members & supporters.

A prime concern of the MAG Committee is to create a friendly, non-threatening environment for our members and supporters in which the Safe Sex message can be successfully promoted and the latest AIDS-related information conveyed. In setting up MAG, Steve Ostrow realised that the holistic approach is the most effective way to educate the mature gay community on AIDS. This concern for the person as a whole, and ACON’s tell it like it is approach to AIDS education, have played a not insignificant part in making NSW’s GLBT community, one of the most safe sex conscious communities in the World. The success of this strategy over the years has been amply proved by international comparisons on the reduction in deaths due to AIDS.


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