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Gay Dating Tips for Singles

If you are gay, bi-curious, bisexual or transgender in search of a long term or causal relationship, it can be a daunting task when you are just starting out. We have devised a list of gay dating tips in order to make your experience on Match Maker as exciting, enjoyable and safe as possible. The points provided are based on years of experience and feedback from operating this successful website.

  1. When you meet for the first occasion it is always recommendable that you start out SLOW. Take your time especially if you are new to the scene and have little or no experience in online dating. Read the member profiles carefully and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel.
  2. A key point in our gay dating advice, respond in a timely manner to all messages. It is proper etiquette to others regardless of whether you are interested or not.
  3. If you are interested in a member, take your time in getting to know them. Spend as much time as you feel conversing using Match Maker's free chat room. Possibly exchange contact information such as email address or external chat usernames. We suggest you refrain from giving out your personal phone number, home address or information too quickly. Get to know and trust the person before you do.
  4. Make sure you exchange recently taken photos before you meet the person. This point of our gay dating tips is important as you do not want to be disappointed if the guy isn't what you expected when meeting up. Again, ask as many questions about the other member as possible, e.g. where do they work? Are they married? Etc.
  5. Once you have established a certain level of trust, exchange mobile phone details (not home phone - they are not so easily replaced) and partake in a few calls. Talking to the person will give you a greater indication of whether this is the man you would like to encounter or not.
  6. Another great piece of gay dating advice is to MEET THE PERSON IN PUBLIC if for the very first time. Choose a place that is close, familiar and crowded. Doing so will not only be a wise choice in terms of safety but it should also calm any feelings of nervousness and anxiety. This is also a good time to get to know your prospect partner face to face.
  7. Before you decide to meet again or simply "jump in the sack", bear in mind this final and ultimate piece of our gay dating tips - know your partner's sexual history! Do not be afraid or shy to ask intrusive question regarding his sex life. You will not only be protecting yourself from STD's, but future partners and encounters as well. Whether your partner is telling the truth or not about his sexual history and health is another matter, however for your own sake be sure you practice SAFE SEX at all times.

You are now ready to face the world! We hope this gay dating advice has given you valuable food for thought and will make your online experience easier. Best of luck and we hope you find that perfect love, relationship or casual fling!

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