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Can a person be attracted to both sexes? Of course they can! And this is why Gay Match Maker has setup a place in cyber space for bisexual personals & dating. There are hot guys and mature men from all over Australia who are into both sexes and this is the best place to find them!

For a quick refresh, the term bisexuality is used to describe a person that is capable of loving and having relationships with both men and women. According to 1950's research, up to 25% of females and 46% of males fit into that category. Many people however believe that bisexuality does not exist, that these men and woman are in a “transitional stage" to becoming homosexual. Bisexuals however see things differently and strongly believe that sexuality should not be labelled in terms of black and white. The way one perceives him or herself is an essential part to one's identity.

Bisexuality comes in many different shades of grey. Some may feel more attracted to one sex than the other. They can also be equally attracted to both sexes and these attractions may vary in strength throughout their lives. There are also those that often sexually fantasize about the same sex but never act upon their urges. This is better known as a person being bi-curious. Bisexuality can therefore be interpreted as the potential to engage with or feel sexually attracted to the same sex, but again, this depends on how people view themselves. There are those who have had bisexual dating experiences with the same sex yet do not identify themselves as bi.

It is true to say that many heterosexual and gay people have trouble understanding or relating bisexuality in a different context to sex. Many bisexuals will explain that it has less to do with sex and is more about attraction, love and sharing similar interests.

Bisexuality has existed for many centuries, it flourished under certain societies and repressed under others. In today's world, bisexual dating is generally accepted in many western countries. There are countless numbers of communities found in major towns and cities. Such communities are also appearing on the internet, and our site, Gay Match Maker, is one that encourages and promotes bisexual personals. To get started with us, join FREE and create your own profile. Once this is done, you can search the thousands online.

Bisexual dating has never been easier on Gay Match Maker, don't feel left out!

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