• Meeting a nice guy…
    A True Story by berotic

    This story is for you:) I arranged to meet a guy at a bar but we had reserved a room in a hotel just in case we wanted to take things further and it turned out we did. We closed the door to the hotel room and I embraced him from behind so that I could move my hands over his body finally slipping

  • 2 older guys
    A Fantasy by Hellohello481

    Im a bi 52 yo guy that likes guys older than me,i meet a guy John in his early 60s in a club and we instantly hit it off,we chatted for awhile and he asked if i would like to come back to his place for alittle fun.We walked the 5 minutes to his place quickly and on entering his place he told me his flatmate

  • A visitor
    A True Story by berotic

    I swim a lot at a well known public swimming pool and on one particular day it was empty apart from a handful of people. It's often frequented by gay guys so it's quite common for one guy to check out the other. This particularly well hung guy was standing opposite letting me take my time to check him

  • How hard it is
    A True Story by Bottomguy77

    I have spent my whole adult life as a dominate hetro male in a hetro relationship with young kids. Then after being single for a year i experienced being a bottom in an encounter. I have never felt or experienced what l felt at that time. I loved it, it felt so good. But because of how l have lived my

  • Rounded rock hard weapon Part 2
    A True Story by uptoit

    I hear the door bell Steve is here. I open the door to let him in, we both say our hello's and nice to meet you and we share a quick kiss. Steve stands back a step to eye me up and down, standing in front of him dressed in high heels, stockings and suspender belt and the tip of my cock just showing

  • Rounded rock hard weapon
    A True Story by uptoit

    I had been talking to Steve on and off for quite some time but as he was only available on Fridays and was not able to host we just never caught up. A rare opportunity arose where I was able to host this Friday week so we agreed to finally meet. I had seen his pictures and I just had to have his cock.

  • My first dp
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84

    I remember one winters night at myso partners place I came home from work and took a shower and I was so in the mood to have some fun with my partner who was in his 50s and I was 19 at the time all I ever wanted to do was have sex with him as soon as I got through the door. I loved how he hammered his

  • My very first time getting fucked
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84

    I remembered the first time a older guy fucked me. I was 18 we met each other out playing a game of golf one afternoon and we started talking to each other how good looking each other were and he kept on saying how he would like to get a ball inside me one day. I was turned on like no tomorrow I've

  • thestain Photo
    To be seduced and satisfyied buy 2 well hung hot guys ASAP
    A Fantasy by thestain

    I'm 41, and over time sexual encounters with women have almost disappeared and after gradually progressing from pretend sleeping as a guy touched or sucked my cock to only getting hard if I've got big dick I'm my mouth, swallow, facial and now I've finally experienced a big cock fucking me properly,

  • cravincock Photo
    Weekender part 2
    A True Story by cravincock

    Antons cock was uncut thick and long and getting bigger harder by the minute as i sucked on it , taking as much of it down my throat as i could. Gagging on it and coating it in that thick sticky slippery saliva you only get from deep throating a cock. Mick cock was growing hard on my shoulder as i stroked

  • cravincock Photo
    A True Story by cravincock

    Met a guy online hooked up one night in my car and sucked his fat cut cock , good guy nice cock and he was close. We met a few more times and mick loved me sucking him till climax and he fucked me really well. We talked and he told me of another guy who lived close was older and knowing how much i

  • If you want too know. Just let me know
    A True Story by THOMO62

    One night when I was driving taxis in a country town in the west of NSW. I was the late car the only taxi on. I got a phone call from a guy who wanted to go home from the local pub on the way to his place we started to talk about some people we both knew he said to me you're a friend of Joel's I said

  • Caught Crossdressing
    A Fantasy by MaddyCD

    I was enjoying a day at home doing some chores and cleaning. I couldn’t resist the urge to dress up, and was soon wearing stockings, high heels, garter belt, bra and g-string. I completed the dressing with full make up, wig and a Sexy satin French maids uniform. I put on some music, had a couple of

  • A stormy encounter
    A True Story by Helena2

    The cloud mass had been walking up the sky since late morning, first puffy white and gradually edging into darker and darker grey as the afternoon wore on. We were on the beach, enjoying the last few days of another Melbourne summer, the eighth we had shared in a casually ongoing friendship. With the

  • cravincock Photo
    Bush surprise
    A True Story by cravincock

    Had some time off so decided to head up into the vic high country for a bit of camping and fishing . But mainly to get some time to myself get close to nature. Went midweek so there were less people . Found a campsite at a really remote camp spot and rolled out my swag as it was late by the time i

  • Crossdressers First time
    A Fantasy by MaddyCD

    I had met Steve thru GMM, we exchanged messages over a few weeks and then finally agreed to meet. I was very nervous on the way over to Steve's for two reasons. One was it was going to be my first gay encounter. The Second reason, and one i had only agreed to after Steve's insistence, was that i

  • on the bench
    A True Story by cory1969

    Last weekend I was trying to hook up with someone on grinder but he turned out to be a no show. It really pisses me off when guys do that. So I was was horny and alone. I decided to try one of those sex on premises venues which always sounded a little too grungy for me. But hell, I was horny. I arrived

  • kinky197436 Photo
    A Fantasy by kinky197436

    Friday night drinks fire drum is burning sitting around with mates chatting and laughing. I decide to get the spa going jumps in to my boardies and hops in my white boardies show of my pink jockstrap nicely. I jump in and hop out to warm near the fire a couple of the guys Jay and Luke (brothers) are

  • my first big dick
    A True Story by nrg073

    was around 2 months ago on here i met an older guy with a very fat 8-9 inch weapon. I had only been topped by 4 other men before and all were small to average. he was big. He got me very relaxed with his tongue and hands and then in he went (with a condom), well wow i was full. took a little while

  • my first group play
    A True Story by nrg073

    I was at shed 16 only been there a couple of times and quite nervous at at a place like that. I was sitting in the dark steam room. hard to see but there must of been 5-6 guys in there. A guy came over and started to suck my cock and was so hot knowing there was other guys in there. He slide a finger