First Touch

He was my trainer among other things. And after each workout he would drive me to hes apartment. I found him to be tactile and i had heard he was what they called gays back in those days. But i liked the attention that he showed me and I felt special in he's company. Each time at his apartment he would have that banana lounge streched out in the living room. It was a big apartment with lots of things in it even a pool table.
The very first time i had just finished a weights session and he asked if i was sore. I was and answered the truth. So he offered to give me a massage.
This made me scared but i felt a strangeness in my pants like it wanted to grow. So i went with the scene as scared as i was i took off my clothes while he watched. Every now and then i would catch he's eyes on me at first i could see lust in he's expression then a cover up of professionalism. I was uneasy and left my underwear on.
Laying face down i felt he hands on my hips then he removed my underwear i lifted my hips so my underwear could be easily taken off. My heart was now beating very fast. He continued with oil rubbing my shoulders and coaching me to relax.
At this point i didnt know how things where going to turn out.I felt very unsure but i knew there was no turning back now. He slowly made hes way down my back with hes hands and forarms. Now he was working on my lower back with the hair on hes arms ever so slightly touching my butt cheeks. Then he left my back and started on my lower legs. Then my thighs as he worked on one leg i could feel the hair on he's arms touching the inside of my other thigh so i found myself parting my legs. Then he started on my butt sliding one hand down below my hole very carefull not to touch there and rubbed between where my virgin hole was and my balls. F#ck thoughts raced through my head as he was making me arroused. First embarrassed because now i was getting erected. Scared because i didnt want to be one of them you know whats . And turned on because ...... ???
Then he asked me to turn over. Heart beating cock hard confused and excited i was now on my back fully exsposed. Wishing for him to touch my cock he went through the painfull long teasing process of doing my chest then my arms and legs. My head telling to stop this dont be one of them. But i wanted to see.
My cock was not getting the attention it now deserved and started to sofen. He notice this and started to work on my stomach grazing the side of he's arm against my now stiffening tool. All thought of fear had left me and i knew what i wanted.......The problem was he didnt know.
My cock was that hard it hurt and when he's hand would brush past i found myself lifting my hips and now a moan came from my mouth he had me now I didnt care about what they called people what we were doing.
Finally he wrapped he's hand around my shaft and started to stroke my now ever pulsating erection the feeling was pure ecstasy still shy as much as i wanted to fuck he's hand i never bucked so in return he would every now and then squeezed the head of my cock to see if i was cumming.
The feeling now was just so intence because i was trying to hold back a rainbow of emotions. I was about to just explode ( wow i wanted him to suck me) when he's hand made that final stroke squeezing the head of my cock as he slid up he could see i was cumming.
Then he stopped and mentioned that i should massage him one day. I didnt answer him he said one day? So i wanted to get in the bathroom shower fast.
Now in the shower with my errection in hand i started to stroke my cock. He left me in there to finish myself off now thinking with mixed thoughts of girls and what had just happen with another male i exploded tons gushed out of my hard cock and my legs went weak the relief was like no other before. Like i said at the beginning there where many trips to he's apartment that was my first time.

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