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Lot of comment about Westie asking for more detail. You all obviously interested in that slut or me, haha not me hey it must be the whore because that slut's ass is better known than the bottom of a pint of pale ale in SA!

Yall know he's a whore. No kidding hey? Hahaha! The better ones usually are. Expect to be clean and tidy, you get what you pay for. For a bareback slut go hard play it safe thats my theory. Ironic! At my age its easier, you agree? Every commenter says that whore has a good cunt. Very good. Agree 100% in my years thats as good as they get no mistake you just don't tell the whore that.

Make him earn it. Slut has good lips at both ends. Suck my cock Westie you know it. Suck it down as my balls fill up for you. Talks a big game can't hear it with my cock down his throat all I hear is gang gagg! Turn on the vacuum cleaner sucking my dick hard and got me balls in his mouth looking up at me like a dial up dick sucker you know he is used to this. Eat my asshole too. No hesitation there Westie hey you dive in there don't need much to encourage that ass licker.

Eat his cunt too true thats the fucking best tasting hole in my 70years. Eat that hole for breakfast lunch and dinner. Open wide Westie like ass flower in the sun. Proper ass cunt. Make my ex wife hole look dry and dirty. Cunt has premium pussy no wonder its got a sale sign on it. Eat that hole the whore goes off like a bitch. Loves it gets his dick standing up. Spread out like a bitch too. Thos curves all nude up and smells good the cunt. Talk him too much you know the experience if you been there.

A good cunt takes dick anytime. No invitation needed. Go in raw and rough make him work it. Deep velvet tunnel top shelf hole sucks it in there. Balls deep in that wet cunt. Make him moan! Not here to be polite. My cock not polite. Stand and deliver. Fuck that greedy ass whore hey slut theres no tomorrow. 6 sessions in 3 weeks that cunt is begging me for it riding and spread never stops. Other whores stop. Others complain. Westie keep going that asshole craves it. No limit in that ass. He fucking loves the cock. Natural born anal lover are rare in my experience.

Did I have to pay all that? No way. Cut your own deal! Slut sends me a message offers up that hole for free because he is horny. Desperate for dick. Happy to oblige. Not how you run a business Westie! Meet in the fucking carpark do my hole in the back seat if you want I'm a fucking desperate whore! No shame! Freebie fuck because the cunt can't get enough.

6 hard fucks drain my balls in that fat ass. Fill up that whore cunt. Nude fatty hey you know its curves no skinny bitch for me. Bang that ass at sleazy motel get the slut skin only hands and knees crack my belt on that fat ass fuck it raw the whore is begging for more. Gaped asshole that is one cockpit. No daylight there black hole. Slut wants more. More more Westie bred for breeding natural born whore. Hold the hole open hold back tears beg for more more cock still says keep going keep going. Hey I'm done more next time greedy pig wants my cum and my piss. Why not piss him down? Who asks for it? Westie. See that slut open up for my piss too. Cum and piss slut. Swallow up pack up go home no issues. As it should be.

You know the deal. If its cheap its nasty. If its top shelf its more nasty. Expect good return on investment. You seem to know the deal too my friends! Will keep him on the payroll for summer. Are you playing too? Whats is your experience? I know I aint the only one.

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