First time

On a hot Saturday my cricket team was batting first, both my opening partner & I were both out early, so we started drinking.
At the end of the day he asked if I wanted to go back to his house and continue drinking, I accepted.
As the night went on we spoke about sexual fantasies, as I was only 18, Mike had a few years more experience, being 35.
He then pulled out this monster of a cock & asked if I liked it?
Without even thinking, I just said I’d love to suck that. I struggled to take it full, but as it was my first time, I tried to please him.
This continued for about 1/2hour, then he took me to his bed, asked if he could fuck me? I said yes. He lubed me up & then inserted his thick head in me, gradually moving back & forth until all 9” was in me.
After about 15mins he said he was going to blow, he fucked me harder, it hurt but it was pure pleasure to! Finally I felt his hot load deep in me.
He continued to fuck me another 3 times that night and then twice in the morning.
It was a first time I will never forget.

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