my very first 18 yo virgin

I still remember the first time the boy down the street came over to mow my lawn he finished mowing the lawn then i told him to come inside to grab some water and grab some money for mowing the lawn. He was standing in the lounge room and must of noticed a few of my gay adult DVDs in the shelf. So as I've came out with his money I seen him looking on the back covers of them with how amazed he was to see them. He didn't see me come into the lounge I then said to him do u like what u see there little buddy. He got so shame at first but then started to ask questions about what he seen on the back covers. I said to him old are you he told me he just tuned 18 that month. Well would you like to put one of my DVDs on he was like yes please. So I put anal virgins on for him and sat down and watched it while he asked questions about it if I've ever don't that to another guy and asked how it feels I told him it that it feels like your in heaven. He then responded with I'd love to try that some day I then responded we could give it a go now if you like ok but you have to be very gentle Mr. I then said to him I promise but first we have to take all our clothes off first just like in the movie. So we were both butt naked on the couch then you must jerk my cock to get it nice and hard and lick it like a lollipop he said ok so I put the head into his mouth and told him I bet you can't make it disappear on me he said he will try his best I told thats a good boy 20 mins went by then I told him its his turn so I started sucking him off until he came in my mouth I then ask him if he would like to continue he was all for so I went to my room and grabbed a few anal sex toys out I then got him to lay on the couch with his legs apart so I could rim his hole and stick a finger inside he was loving so I put another finger inside and then another one I then stopped and lube up a butt plug and slowly inserted it inside until he could take it all I did that for a hour then I said to him someone is ready for the real thing he smiled and said do u think so and I told him I know so with a smile. I then got the lube poured it over my cock and I've his hole then slowly stood up and aimed the head of my cock right at his rear end then I slowly worked my head in a few times until I was in then he told me how good it felt I then told him I want to control his breathing while I try to slide my shaft in bit by bit this happened for a good 30 mins until he wanted to up the rhythm abit we then switched to the doggy position and pumped him on the couch for a few mins before I pulled my cock out blew on his back. I then said to him do u feel like your in heaven little buddy. He then said I sure do can we go back to heaven again please. I said to him come to my bedroom and we can go as many times as you want. He now comes up every few days and we screw each other for hours on end

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