My first tgirl

My fiance had been driving me up the wall. I just had to get some air so I went walking around and found myself at the bar. I threw a few back and watched the game absentmindedly. 

Then I noticed the redhead.

She was staring right at me from across the bar. She was nursing a dark drink with a cherry and orange slice hanging on the edge. I wasn’t sure how long she had been there, but I caught her right in the middle of giving me a casual up and down. I was feeling good and I gave her the same. Her black skirt was short and snug i could see the outline of her thick cock. Her black blazer was also short and couldn’t possibly fit around her bulging chest. Her red top framed her cleavage in a tantalizing way, and her long necklace had slipped between her breasts. My gaze found it’s way back up to her face. I marveled at the gentle curls in her red hair, her full lips, her fair skin. And then our eyes locked. Her emerald green eyes stared me down, drawing me in, yet challenging me at the same time. 

Without breaking eye contact she plucked the cherry from her drink and brought it to her lips. She rubbed it across them as though she were applying lipstick. Her tongue snuck out and quickly licked the alcohol from her lips, before wrapping the cherry into her mouth. She held it between her lips for a moment, with the stem in hand. Gently she tugged it a couple times, as though teasing herself with the treat, before her lips closed around it’s bulb.

Her eyes dropped down my body and I looked down to follow. In my inebriated state I only then became aware of the erection that was clearly defined through my pants. I also realized I had been white knuckling the bar with one hand and my chair with the other. I released them and turned to hide my legs under the bar. I downed my drink and ordered another. I thought to myself of the different ways I would’ve tried to pick up this gorgeous transsexual before. How all that was behind me now and felt a small pang of disappointment that my chances now were over. 

As I thought to myself, I saw her leave her seat out of the corner of my eye. It’s for the best, I thought to myself, imagining the trouble I might’ve gotten into. Then I felt a hand slide up my arm and breath on my ear before a husky voice whispered behind me, “Why don’t you put that erection to better use than hiding the poor thing?”

I turned to see the redhead hanging on the chair next to me, leaning toward me. She had removed her blazer to reveal the slender strands holding her top over her shoulders. I quickly looked her up and down again and noticed the freckles on her shoulders. The lace poking out from her cleavage. The way her eyes sparkled hazel in the light. I tried to compose myself and repsonded with slightly slurred speech, “I’d really like to…but you see my finance would be really pissed I think if I used it on anyone but her.”

She smirked at this and replied, “ I haven’t seen anyone with you this whole time. Is your fiance here?”

I shook my head no.

“And if she’s not here then you can’t use it on her right?”

Again I shook my head.

She leaned closer and I felt the warmth of her breath. I saw a gleam in her eyes as she said, “Then I call dibs on your cock. Now be a good boy and follow me.”

I stood up and she grabbed my wrist with a surprisingly strong grip. I followed her on slightly wobbly legs as it hit me how many I’d had. She walked confidently back through the bar to the restrooms. She pushed open a door and found an empty stall. She entered and as I followed she put a firm hand against my chest to stop me in my place. “No. Not before I explain the rules.” she said. “This is my show. You will address me as Miss Tess and I have claimed your cock. Which means it is mine to do with as I please unless I say otherwise. Do you understand?” I nodded fervently as my will dissipated. Nothing outside this room mattered and I cared for nothing but Miss Tess’s wishes.

She grabbed me by the waist of my pants and sat me down. I reached to grab her body and she slapped my hands away. Instead she ran her hands up her body and squeezed her chest. She pushed her tits together and swayed her hips. She reached up to her hair and ran her hands up through it and dragged her hands back down. Against her neck, down her chest and tracing the V between her legs. I felt my dick stiffen even harder.

She slipped the straps of her shirt over her shoulders and tugged her red top down to reveal her incredible tits. I shifted in my seat as my cock got even harder. She smiled and bit her lip. She asked, “ like what you see?” 

“Yes Miss Tess” I said nodding.

“Why don’t you show me how much? Show me this dick that your so called fiance is ignoring”

I undid my belt and my pants. I slid them down and my dick whipped up with a smack against my body. I leaned back and saw what I thought was a hungry glint in Miss Tess’s eyes. She reached up behind her and deftly undid the clasp of her lacey bra. It fell to the floor and her knees followed immediately. She grasped my dick and poised herself to take it in her mouth. Then stopped…..and waited………..

It was torture. And she knew it. She had started moving her hand slowly up and down my shaft. But it wasn’t enough. I could feel her breath on the head of my cock. I could feel the skin of her tits behind her hand as it lightly touched them with each stroke. I wanted to take her so badly. To shove her mouth down to my balls. To drain them down her throat. Or across her face and chest. I wanted to empty my load. But I knew the rules I had agreed to. This was Miss Tess’s show.

Precum had begun dribbling from my tip and I felt her fingers slide over it. She rubbed it lightly around the head and the sensation was antagonizing. She lifted the finger to her lips, looked up and me and slid her finger in and out of her mouth. My dick tensed with desire in her hand

“Do you want me baby?”

“ Fuck yes Miss Tess. Please take my cock. I want it so badly Miss Tess please”

I couldn’t believe I had been reduced to begging but I was dying. My head was spinning and all I wanted in this world was for Miss Tess to take me…

And then it happened

Without warning she dove her mouth on my cock and started sucking. I moaned and thrust into her throat. I threw my head back and closed my eyes and savored the sensation. When I looked back down she was staring at me. I locked my gaze with hers as she bobbed on my cock. She took it out of her mouth and threw her hand up and down my shaft. She wrapped her tits around it and bounced up and down. I couldn’t help it anymore. I reached out and grabbed her tits. She gasped in surprise and what I hoped was pleasure as I rubbed my thumbs over her perked nipples. She bent her head forward and took in my head to her mouth every few strokes and it drove me nuts.

I could feel myself reaching the end. She went back to using her mouth and I tried to delay it as long as possible. Between heavy breaths I managed to get out, “Miss Tess….oh my God… Miss Tess…fuck Miss Tess I’m gonna cum. Oh I’m gonna cum so fucking hard…oh fuck…” She released my cock from her lips and stroked away.

“You gonna cum for me baby? Hmm? Can’t hold it in any longer can you? You want to give it all to me. Give me all your cum until you’ve emptied yourself baby. I’ll tell you what, you can drain it anywhere you want this time. Anywhere but my ass. You have yet to earn that. Now go ahead and cum for me baby. Do it. Now!”

And at that exact moment a white jet sprang from my dick. I stood up quickly and took a fistful of her hair. I put her face directly in my crosshairs and shot straight at her. Stream after stream flew all over her face and I rode the sensation like a roller coaster. When the jets began to weaken I grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my dick again. They were slick from my cum that had dripped from her face and I thrust between them, using her to milk every last bit of seed from me. Finally I felt no more in me and fell back away from her exhausted.

I sat there as she cleaned herself up. She slid every drop of cum from her face to her mouth, then licked her tits clean. She stood and redressed herself and when she was satisfied, she took my chin in her hand and lifted my face to look directly into hers.

“Now you remember what I said. I am Miss Tess, and I have claimed your cock. Fiance or no fiance, you are mine now until I say otherwise. Tomorrow night you will meet me here and I will have it again. Disobey me and there will be consequences. Comply, and I think you’ll like the rewards.”

She walked to the door, looked back at me with a devious smirk and said, “See you tomorrow.” 

And then she was gone…

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