The boss

Friday at 5 p.m. and like clockwork my boss calls me into his office for some pre weekend fun he loves having me over his desk at the end of a long week my partner thinks I don't finish until 6 p.m. on Fridays and he doesn't know it's my boss who's finishing me before I'm allowed to leave he always pulls out a bottle of wine from his desk pours us both a Glass as he slowly undresses me he was just about to pour when his phone beeped with a message he picked up his phone from the desk shit it's my wife she's outside in the car park I totally forgot she had made plans for tonight he looked at me and side dammit fuck needed you frank I've been hard all fucking day I smiled at him and caressed his face gently and kissed his lips it's ok you'll have to wait a little longer we dont want to make your wife suspicious Do we i stepped back and went to leave his office when suddenly he grabbed my arm and put me back to him sorry frank but I have to fuck you he said forcefully as he turned me around against his desk he pulled my pants down around my ankles & pushed me down against his desk I could hear him opening his pants as he pulled down my Jocks I grab the edge of his desk as he pushed his cock straight into my ass oh god i scream as his cock slams deep and hard into my arsehole he started fucking me hard grabbed my hair and pull my head back as he slammed as deep as he could his cock tearing into my tight arse fuck I want you my little office slut he growled loudly as he took what he wanted my heart racing as my ass was pounded by thick cock I moaned and whimper as he fucked me like an animal then he roared & exploded sending rivers of sticky cum flooding my ass slamming hard and holding his cock inside me as he pumped more seed inside as I moaned and gasped then he pulled out and pulled up his pants sorry frank but I have to run see you Monday as he grabbed his coat and left me gasping over his desk he's cum dripping from my ass on to my pants

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