Thank god my Sophie was a very deep sleeper as it did make it much easier to sneak into her bedroom in the middle of the night to suck Jim’s cock. I was staying with them for christmas in their state as it was cheaper than the usual choices for accommodation. One evening I walked into the bathroom assuming it was empty and came face to face wth Jim completely naked as he had just stepped out of the shower. I quickly apologized and ran out very embarrassed but not before I had gotten a good eyeful of Jim's huge cock. He never mentioned the awkward encounter but I just couldn’t get the image of his cock out of my head. I found myself playing with my cock in bed as I thought about it night after night. Eventually I became brave enough to do what I had been unable to stop thinking about, which was to sneak into my friends bedroom as they slept and to secretly play with Jim’s cock. I knelt at his side of the bed and slowly slid a hand under the sheets as he slept.

Lucky for me he always slept naked so I easily found his cock and caressed it in my hand. I got so excited as his cock would slowly get hard as I touched him as he slept. I just played with his cock with my hand for a couple nights but eventually I went for broke and started slowly sucking on his cock after I had got him hard. I would pull the sheet down enough and just suck on his hard cock in the dark. If it seemed like he might wake up I stopped and hid down beside the bed. That tactic worked for a while until the night I got a little too carried away and didn’t notice he had woken up as I was sucking his cock. I got the shock of my life when I glanced up and saw that he was watching me suck on his hard cock. I almost squealed and pulled up from his cock but to my complete surprise he just reached out and started stroking my hair, then gently guided my mouth back down onto his cock. I started sucking again as I heard him moaning as quietly as he could so as not to wake his wife. It was then that I swallowed my first cum load from his cock, as I sucked his hips jerked and he gripped my hair tighter as his cum splashed into my mouth. I kept sucking, swallowing his cum until he was finished. After that I sucked him and swallowed his cum every night. We never ever spoke about it or even acknowledged it and just acted like nothing had ever happened. It was our little unspoken night time secret 💋

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