Do you think I didn’t notice you continually walking past my room trying to get an eyeful of me in my little footy shorts? I knew you were just desperate to get your hands on this hot little ass. You didn’t think it was just a coincidence that every time you walked past my door that I was wiggling my ass in those little shorts did you? I knew how your cock was probably straining against your pants and I wanted it even harder. I wanted you to be so desperate to fuck me that you would run back to your room , pull your aching hard cock from your pants and stroke it hard until you sprayed your cum everywhere as you moaned my name. Maybe one of these days when you walk past my door staring at my ass you will have the balls to come and take what you are so obviously craving. Maybe you might be man enough to walk in and close my door behind you, grab me and tear my little shorts down, push me down over the back of my couch as you pull that big cock from your pants and push deep into my arse. Then fucking me just how you need to fuck me, taking me just how you think I need to be taken. Slamming that cock deep inside me as you hold my hips, spanking my ass as you fuck me.

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