My cousins man

Recently I went to visit my cousin and her husband for a few days. The first night there we all stayed up late drinking wine and gabbing. On the second night my cousin had to check out early as she had an important work meeting in the morning but would be free later in the day and then for the rest of my visit. So after she called it a night her husband grabbed us each a beer and we got comfy on the couch and ready to watch an action movie that was on. After a few beers and a love scene between the main actor and the hot chick in the movie I extended my foot towards his crotch and began lightly stroking. Soon he had an impressive tent in his pants. At this time I shifted position so I could unzip him and take him into my mouth. Throughout the whole thing he never said a word, occasionally letting very soft moans escape as I worked his hard married cock with my mouth. I could feel him starting to get close so I picked up my pace. His hands on my head guiding me down told me he really wanted me to finish him off which I had all the intention of doing. Soon I heard him say he was going to cum. I moaned mmhm as I took him deeper into my mouth. I felt him tense up then he was filling my mouth with his hot thick load. I eagerly swallowed it all before I kissed his cock, sat up finished my beer then grab us each another before settling back in for the rest of the movie.

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