My mums man (my boss)

I’ve seen the way you’ve been watching me around the office, Mr. J. You think I don’t feel your eyes burning into me as I walk slowly past your desk, making sure you get a nice, long look at my cute ass?  As I run through the living room in my skimpy shorts my cock hard, to kiss my mum goodnight? You’re a bad man, Mr. J. You’re fucking my mum and you want to fuck me.

And I do want you to fuck me. So today at work I’m going to sit right in front of you, and when you start lecturing about the current economic crisis, I’m going to slowly open my fly . So you can see my fat cock aching for you. I’ll be licking my lips as I hold your eyes, daring you to look away from that luscious, forbidden sight. Then I’ll bite my lips as I slowly look down your body to behold the delicious bulge in your trousers.

You’ll turn the office lights down so we can watch yet another boring presentation about the IMF, then ask me to sit next to you at your workstation so I can monitor the laptop and projector. I’ll be sure the sound is on a bit loud so I can whisper in your ear, “I need you to touch me…now!” as I place your warm hand against my yearning cock. I’ll feel you hesitate, then begin the soft stroking across my hot, slick head my hard, greedy knob My pre cum will be streaming over your hand, and I’ll be sighing, shivering, eyes closed in bliss, while my hand strokes your thick cock through your trousers.

“My mum is away on business,” I’ll mouth in your ear. You already know that. You’ll grip your fist around me and it will take everything I have not to scream out loud as I cum and cum, my hand clenching you so hard. I’ll smile, then pretend to adjust something on your computer. You’ll lean over to whisper in my ear, “You’re a bad, bad boyl.” Your dark eyes and your hand gripping my thigh tell me everything I need to know about tonight…

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