A day on the hill

At the domain in Hobart went for a walk down the side of the hill along a track was getting followed by a guy just a bit older than me I decided to detour into Bush about 10 metres of the track to a clearing where there was a fallen tree he came over started to play with my cock from the outside of my pants he then reached in to pull out my cock went down and started sucking .he the got up a said show me your ass so I took my pants off he then took my shirt of he said nice ass and bent me over the fallen tree put lube in and pushed his cock inside me he started pounding away .I was leaning over the tree and I could see underneath to his feet then I saw another set of feet he pulled out and the other guy started giving it to me.he came then he pulled out the I thought the first guy put his cock back in but it felt bigger .I was getting pounded again it felt like different cocks where going in me at different times I looked under the log I was bent over and saw a lot of different shoes lifted up of the log a bit still getting pounded and saw another 4 guys all tacking turns the fucking this time wanted to cum inside I said yes the other guys ether site of me and started blowing all over my ass and back running down the side of my ass and legs .when then started to leave I stood up with cum everywhere my ass covered and 2 loads inside me.had to use my shirt to clean up.lucky I had a jacket in the car.it ended up a very good day.

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