One night at The Hilton

It had been a long week of work when I finished a boozy drinks session with clients at The Hilton around 10pm on this Friday night and decided I'd stay in town and treat myself with a night in the hotel to relax and unwind.

Checking into the room, I ordered up in a couple of cold beers, sat back semi naked on the bed thinking about a horny older guy I'd met a few weeks earlier and decided I'd take a chance and call him up late and see if he was keen, which he was. Soon I had a hot date delivering himself to me, it was like ordering a mature cock pizza! 40mins later he was at my hotel room door and he knew why I'd called.

We had a drink and small talked for a while, but he knew that he was there to fuck me and I was there to be fucked so it was straight down to business. I only had to drop my robe and lay back for my sexagenarian friend to see how ready I was with my smooth bum all moist and grinding my hips as he pressed himself against me as we kissed on the bed. At 63 he was old enough to be my father or even my grandfather, which suited me perfectly as I've always preferred older men. His old-school after shave was thick in the air and I fumbled to undo his pants and help him off with his shirt as we both got naked and I discovered his beautiful cut 7-8"-ish cock, feeling it out with my hands and smirking with delight that I'd found a mature man with a nice penis that was now destined for my holes.

Down I went and sucked that lovely cock and mouthed at his big full balls, his dick swelling up in my throat as I wiggled my bum around his face and he dived between my cheeks rimming and puckering my hot little arsehole sending electricity up my spine. His fingers poked into my dampness as I gagged and dribbled on his hard prick and then made my way between his legs to reciprocate with my tongue in his puckered old hole. Its not something I normally do, and the thrill of being a bit adventurous made filled me with enthusiasm to please him. I was feeling uninhibited with this mature man for some reason.

Our sixty-nine of rimming was interrupted by him slapping my bum firmly, increasing to very hard and sharply whacks. The cracks of his palm on my pale cheeks echoed out around the suite and every strike stung and burned and made me writhe with painful pleasure. I love men spanking me and he picked up on that immediatel, soon my bottom was all pink and purple as he slapped away full strength with unspoken permission and I was aching for him to take control of my arse completely.

He positioned me on my back and without any lube or a condom just rammed his gorgeous old cock straight into me and I flexed against him as the rush of being filled with grandpa dick took over me. Its not like I'm that tight these days, but he felt big and rough in me without much prep than few fingers and tongue, so it took him a while to grind into me and my pussy to settle down and accept this welcome anal invasion.

His strong heavy body completely covered me and pushed me into the bed as his cock ground away into my bum and my naturally wet hole rolled out the hospitality, opening up wide and deep for this special guest to enjoy the stay. He fucked me missionary until his cock was squelching free banging my cunt walls with full stimulation for us both, and he put his hand over my mouth to quieten me down as I moaned and swore. I welcomed his control, I spread my legs and channeled him deeper inside me. I wanted him to own my body, it was all his to use at his pleasure.

Hell yes! Fuck me harder! He rolled me around from side to side pumping my greedy arse and pinching at my nipples so my cock was tingling and hard too. He pulled my hips against his, his breathy kisses and dirty talk around my ears were making me so hot, I turned to meet his lips and he pulled out and intuitively I went down to suck his wonderful glazed tool fresh from my bum. Enjoying the delicious flavours of our fucking while my arse paused for a breather itself, my knees were trembling and I felt hollow inside needing him back to fill me so I begged him to take me and use me harder.

I bent over the desk and offered him my wet gapey hole to enter from behind and he slid back into me effortlessly up to his droopy but pent-up balls. Fuck it felt so good this dirty old man reaching between my legs and tugging at my taught balls deliberately ignoring my semi-hard little dick as he made his presence felt ruling over me from inside my super hot gay cunt. As he bent me over and laid into my hole getting some good slapping noises as his cock honed my bum out for him to start slapping my bruised bum cheeks again and calling my a dirty little whore, which by this stage was undoutedly the truth. I was under his reign willing to do anything he wanted to satisfy his all conquering senior service cock.

Again I found myself sucking his glistening grandpa cock clean in between position changes and he took a half empty beer bottle from next to the bed and slipped the neck up my arsehole, then pushed most of it inside me straightening my back and almost making me spontaneously ejaculate as it rammed my prostate. Oh god there was a bottle up my arse and I was dripping precum and my body spasming against the orgasm that was brewing deep inside me. He pulled it out just in time to prevent me cuming and then replaced the cock in my mouth with it. Sucking that bottle like a glass dildo, I was losing myself as I craved his control and needed his command of my body to have no limits.

Taking my wrists pushing them behind my back and forcing me flat onto the bed, he leant his weight down onto me and entered my arsehole again now with his fingers teasing my entrance and plugging the gateway to my hole enough that I gaped open but robbing me of the deep pummelling I so required. Do you want it? Yes I do PLEASEEEE!! Whatever "it" is! His fingers lipped around my pussyhole then four fingers shaped up into my hole, plunging into me almost without effort and then I felt the stretch and the his power over me as his hand forcefully filled up my bum and the burning sensation inside me I realised his fist me.

He punched and twisted his fist into me and let me go to spread and cope with his arm going up my disgracefully hungry hole as best I could. It was exactly what I'd craved, that fullness and stretching almost paralysing me as he reached into my womb and my cunt groaned apart to take him. I felt a mild numbness replace the pain and he fist-fucked me with a purposeful stroke now, opening me up like a giant cock and my disgracefully hungry bum taking him in with pleasure. He rolled me around and fisted me so I could see his face and the measured control he had over me mixed with contempt for my much younger sluttiness at his hand. I was so hot for him and concentrating on taking that fist, I barely noticed when he began pissing on my stomach and chest, until a steady trickle of warm clear piss was aimed at my mouth and I dutifully opened to take it in.

There I was with a 63yr old man's fist up my arse drinking his piss and begging for him to do it in a $280 a night hotel room I'd paid for - it didn't even occur to me that I was buying his sex like he was a paid stud come to use me and turn me into a free whore - but it did to him. "You are a dirty little slut, aren't you?" he said over and again as he fisted me and I was at the point of taking it more like a regular cock fucking me than an arm, spreading my legs and pushing against him. "Only a slut would let me do this" he said. How could I disagree. I was a dirty slut he was right. I moaned as he wearied of arm-fucking me and embarrassingly air noises came as my hole gaped and puffed like an old train into the station. "Can you cum in me?" I begged.

I knelt at his feet and sucked his cock rolling out all my best head job techniques, so his beautiful penis was stuck half way down my throat as I gagged back to drag the sperm out of his balls down into my guts. He really pumped some cum into me and swore with satisfaction. It was such a tasty salty load and I swilled some of it up into my mouth to show him I'd been a good boy, then I sat back on the bed semi delirious with satisfaction with my shameless coozey arse yawning wide towards him.

"Nasty little slut..." he mused. I didn't need to respond, I just smirked. He got himself dressed and put on his shoes sitting opposite me at the desk chair. I plugged into my bum with that beer bottle and it took about a minute for me to cum all over myself and the bedspread as he watched over me. Then I licked my cum off my chest and sucked that bum-coozey glass cock and looked him square in the eyes, defiantly. "Call me next time you want to get used" he said as he walked out the room. Maybe I did...

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