Butt plug fantasy

After licking, sucking and kissing until we are both aroused, the slim brown body turns around to show me his smooth butt. To my surprise a black butt plug is visible.

He slowly.draws it out, with a slight sucking sound...it is shiny and wet with his man juice.

He smiled and turns me over and then with a cheeky grin he slowly eased it into my man pussy. My click instantly hardens and now I want to duck him badly.

His hole is still gaping and wet and allows me to quickly enter and pump him full of cum. Then he begs me to put the plug back in so he can keep my hot seed inside him until our lovemaking has ended.

After more kissing and when I am ready to enter him again, he crouched over me and slowlslowly removes the plug, unleashing a hot sticky flow over my cock and balls. When I enter him again it is with a passage wet with fun and ass juice...

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