My first experience

I had been curious for some time as to having an experience with a male. What would it be like to suck a cock or even play with one. At the time I was straight and never experienced a male before. I had had a couple of threesomes with couples before but had never played with a guy.
I was on line one night and was contacted by a guy, I responded to his wink with a message a message and before I knew it we had organised to meet up the next night.
I arrived at his place the next night and was met by him in a loosely fitting robe, his cock visible through the gap. I was instantly aroused, it was a lovely smooth 7-8 inch cut cock with a nice smooth head.
We went inside and sat on the couch and chatted, had a couple of drinks, all the while I was looking at his gorgeous cock. I summonsed the courage to reach over a lightly caress his cock and balls. Pretty soon he has a hard on. Now this was my first time and didn't really know how I was going to react. I nervously lowered my face closer to his cock and balls. I started licking and sucking his balls (as I like that being done to me) and slowly moved on to the underside of his cock running my tongue up the shaft and them swirling my tongue around the head. After about 10 mins of this I swallowed his cock and started mouth fucking him. I could soon feel his balls tightening and knew he was about to blow so I let him unload in my mouth. I looked up and he had a very satisfied look on his face, of course.
He then told me to follow him into the bedroom and told me to hold on as I was about to receive a mind blowing blow job....let me say he didn't disappoint at all. He expertly sucked, licked, caressed my cock for what seemed like an eternity. He had me to the point of blowing my load a number of times and each time brought me back. He then told me to brace my self for a surprise, lay back and close my eyes. This I did and suddenly felt 2 sets of mouths paying attention to the biggest hard on I had ever had. His surprise was to have his boyfriend join in sucking my cock. WOW!! When I saw this I just couldn't hold back anymore and the next time I was ready to cum I just let it all go and both of them shared my load. The boyfriend was then introduced to me and he had just a great looking cock as well and I thought to myself, in for a penny in for a pound so I started sucking his cock as well.
We continued on for another couple of hours and I left feeling very satisfied with my first male/gay experience.

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