Motel Quickie

I'd been working all my first summer, was in my late teens and had recently bought my first car (a two door Holden Torana with mag wheels and surfy roof racks) which finally gave me the freedom to go wherever I wanted. So after a few weekend trips surfing and pot sessions at the drive ins the next item on my list was to check out the infamous gay beat in parklands immediately south of the city of Adelaide.

It was about 9pm when I drove in and there were a few cars parked in the shadows so I pulled up and, not really knowing what the protocol was, I just sat in the car smoking a cigarette watching to see what happened. Within a few minutes tree were men seemingly appearing out of nowhere from the bushes and walking past the car checking me out and vice-versa. Mostly the guys seemed to be around 50yo which seemed pretty old to me at the time! But I liked mature men anyway and when one of them came up to the window for a chat I was very nervous but interested in him.

It was too dark to see his face very well, but he was an officey-type with open neck shirt and work trousers with a bit of a belly and balding. He just asked me if I was interested in some fun and told me he had a room just down the road if I wanted to get out of there to somewhere we could "have fun and relax". I agreed to follow him and he went back to his car and with our headlights in formation we drove out of the park and away for a few minutes until he pulled up out the front of a motel and got out, coming to my window telling me to park around the corner and come into the motel to where his car was parked. So I did.

So now I'm standing in a small drive-up to front door motel room that has 2 single beds and the guy, who I can now see is a real daggy daddy type with a bigger belly than I thought but kind eyes and a gentle manner, sits me down and offers me a beer and we have a drink together then start to kiss. Whoa! This guys is a great kisser and I'm closing me eyes and feeling him touch me up and pulling open my shorts and I'm shaking but helping him thinking wow I'm really into this old guy I think I will just go with it and see what happens, despite my heart beating in my temples and me gasping for breath!

My clothes were soon in a pile on the floor and I was naked on the bed with this mature man on top of me kissing me and rubbing up my body and my cock was hard against him and I could feel his was too as it pressed against me from his trousers. Still a bit naive with the ways of the world, I spread my legs and wrapped them around him and kept on kissing him as he reached down and undid the zip on his pants and his cock sprung out and pushed against my hot little bum sending little charges of electricity up my body as it brushed against my hole.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" he stopped to ask me. I nodded and went back to kissing him. He licked his hand and pushed it down around his cock to wet it then just pushed the head past my tight little pucker and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me with a moan from us both. I had been fucked a few times before and this guy wasn't huge, so it fitted in beautifully to my naturally wet young pussy and I felt him immediately clenching trying to prevent himself from cuming as I must've been a lot tighter than he was used to! He had to pull away from kissing me and turn his head as he stopped himself!

It took a minute or so then he started pushing in and out of my arse and I was loving the feeling of him inside me as I slowly relaxed and my bum welcomed him deeper inside. He held his breath a bit as he pushed into me and quivered a little as he pulled back, awkwardly making his way into me and I could tell he wasn't used to fucking someone like me who was super-keen but very inexperienced, but after a while he was fucking me properly (or at least what I understood properly was at the time!) and he pushed his arms up straight and lifted my knees and fucked into me nicely as my bum really loosened up around his cock and we were really banging away!

"I love it" I remember telling him, as he pumped my bum and my stiff dick dangled to and fro. I tried to open up as much as I could and then he slid me on my side and spooned me, fucking me from behind and kicking his pants off onto the carpet. He pinched my nipples and I flared my bum cheeks apart for him to get into me more. I wanted him to fuck me hard and I must've told him that because next thing he's used his much larger weight to roll me over and manoeuvre me onto my knees and enter me from behind. He pulled my head back and pushed his hard cock into me and I was suddenly getting fucked doggy style for the first time in my life!

It was so exciting to have this much older person, a complete stranger, fucking me from behind as I pushed back against him with every thrust. I felt like a hot young slut and it was wonderful. He slapped my bum cheeks and called me names and fucked me like a hammer with both of us sweating slapping and puffing and moaning loudly on this cheap motel single bed squeaking away and banging around making a big noise but totally oblivious to it even as he shouted out that he was about to cum and I felt my bum fill with spurts of warmth as his sperm impregnated me and dribbled down over my balls and my stiff little penis hanging there dripping its own pre-cum underneath. My god it felt so good to have his sperm inside me this was what I'd craved and it was as good as I had hoped.

A bit cheekily, I rolled away and turned and sucked his glistening cock straight from my bum and he shuddered as I did, asking me to take it easy as he was obviously still sensitive from shooting his load into me. felt his cum leaking out of me and I figured out I mustve cum from him fucking me,not just dripped a bit, as there was a lot on the bed cover which was obviously not his! Oh no we'd stained the bed! Ok maybe its time to go.

He went to the toilet to clean up and I quickly got dressed and as he was stepping into the shower I took off in a rush, not wanting to be rude but there was nothing much more to say except thanks, which I coyly muttered as I walked thru the door into the carpark.

And off I went in my little car with a nervous smile and a bum full of cum leaking out as i drove home. Lucky the car had vinyl seats!

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