Dads best friend

I remember losing my father just last year and having to organize the funeral and stuff and having to get all of dads best mate to lay him to rest because that was his last wishes I was 30 at the time and was very happy with how it all went. After it finished we were all at the wake having a few drinks and I got talking to Paul one of dads best mates from his school days. He couldn't belief how big and handsome I got over the years I was amazed how good looking he was to for a guy in his 50s . So as the night was getting later we planned to meet back at his hotel were he was staying I went back to mine to have a shower and made sure my family members was all good for the night. I then sneaked out of the house to catch a taxi to Paul's hotel. I got there and went his room and knocked on his door he opened the door and walked into his to find him standing there with only a towel on he closed the door straight away. I told him how hot he looks for a older guy he said the same to me. We both went up to each other and started kissing each other behind the closed door I took the towel away from him and felt his huge cock rub up against my leg the thing must have been about 9inches long uncut and very thick I was very turned on by it that I started taking my clothes off and got straight on my knees and started sucking his cock and got it nice and hard I then stranded up and layed on my back with my legs spread apart then he came over to the edge of the bed then started rimming my asshole damn it felt amazing that went on for about 10 mins then he jump up from were he was went to put some lube on his cock then I got in the doggie position then he came behind me and placed his huge cock inside me and went in nice and deep then he started pumping me nice and hard for a good 20 mins then went into the spooning position and went at it until blew his load in me. We layed there and talked for a bit then I got in the middle of the bed on my back and spread them legs apart with cum dripping out of me then he jumped on top with my legs over his shoulders then started pumping away then blew another load in me. We laid there after kissing then I told him its my turn so he started sucking my cock and gave his ass a good rimming then it was my turn to fuck his hole so we did missionary for a good half an hour I had him screaming for his life until i blew my load. Then I laid on top kissing him and talking and he was telling me how good it felt inside him. So I then told him I want him to ride my cock cowboy style then I shot another load in him we both laid there stuffed and talked about all the years him and dads were mates for and all the stuff they got up to it was such an amazing night. We now make it a regular thing when where in the same town I can't get over how good he goes in bed for a old guy. The only bad thing now what do I for for cock when he's not around I guess the search is on for one

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