What makes me wet with want.

He was 5'8", well endowed with a 7" cock, which hung gently, ready to awaken.
He moved slowly, deliberately, with a quiet assurance, borne of knowing who he was, want he wanted and why he was here.
His skin was tanned all over, a surfers body, lithe and nimble.
We caressed, running our hands over each others bodies, a slight tremble, a gentle moan and then a long luscious lingering kiss.
He slowly moved down my torso and arrived at my now firmly erect cock.
Licking, caressing and sucking, my throbbing cock, he gently rolled me over and slowly rimmed my arse.
It was luscious, really luscious.
He applied a lube and slowly penetrated my arse-hole with two fingers.
Moving slowly in and out he widened my passage to enable a slow but purposeful entry.
We both groaned with delight.
He pressed on gently inserting his cock and moved slowly in and out.
It was gorgeous !
The pace quickened, the noise increased, until we were a writhing mass of male flesh both enjoying the moment.
Then he stopped, stiffened and I felt the tell tale spasms of orgasm !
He continued slowly, winding down, until, limp, he rolled off me and kissed me long and hard.
It was done.
We have done it again and again.
Each time it is so tense, so climactic, so relaxing.
I like these sessions very much.

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