Another visit

A guy I met online got back to me, he was a well hung top, first meeting was a bit awkward, but we felt eachother out and was able to fill each others needs, he had a nice fat eight inch cock, which tasted divine and stayed rock hard the whole time, I loved sucking on it, getting as much cock in my mouth as I could, while he played with my cock and ass, he was working me slowly, first one finger, then two, lubing me up and getting me ready to take that nice cock of his, he enjoyed opening me up as much as I enjoyed letting him do what he wanted, I was aching to be fucked and he was pretty keen to do just that! Eventually he got me to turn around, so he could slowly work his cock into me, I wanted his cock so bad , he slid it all in with out a problem and it felt so good, he started fucking me doggy style slowly, then he started picking up speed, slamming his whole cock in as far as he could, I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and I could feel his cock getting harder, he loved fucking me hard and I was loving all he could give me, I've never had such a big hard 8 inch cock fuck me so hard before and to his enjoyment, I was taking it all and loving it!! This guy knew how to fuck and he was giving me all he could and getting deeper and faster as his cock got bigger!! Then I felt him pull me in closer and he started to cum, deep inside me, deeper than anyone else had before, I could feel his cock pulsate as he cum, then he relaxed a little, but kept fucking, his cock still seeding me , he had one hell of a load for me, cum was starting to work its way out as he kept fucking me, I've never had a guy cum that much inside me before and it felt fantastic with his cock inside me, cum dripping out, it felt so good, I had cum as he blew deep inside me, he liked that, pretty sure thats why he stayed hard so long , he was suprised that I could handle him fucking me so hard, he was already talking about when we could meet up again, I was more than happy to do it again another time with him, I rewarded him by sucking his cock after he slid out of me, swallowing what cum was left as I felt his jizz running out of my ass, guys like him were hard to find, I had to do what ever I could to keep him interested in meeting up again, I knew that this could only get better as we get to know what limits we have, he mentioned a friend he has, that might want to join us next time we meet, can't wait until that happens, I'm more than happy to write about that story next time if it happens!!!

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