Swim meat

I was at the local pool one evening, swimming laps . It was a quiet night, just 2 ladies in the lanes and the usual small group of older gents standing against the wall down in the shallow end talking.
They always seemed to be there, but I had never seen any of them actually swim . Secretly I really enjoyed making my way back down the pool from the deep end, checking out their submerged speedo clad bulges. Occasionally one of them would be adjusting themselves but I tried not to think about it too much as I was there to swim laps and I did not want to crack a fat .
After completing my swim I made my way to the change rooms to have a quick shower.
As I was drying myself off I heard one of the older gents cursing and I looked over to see him standing in the corner with his back to me . He appeared to be having trouble and was becoming quite agitated.
“ You Ok ? “ I asked .
“NO !! “ he replied, “ I can’t get this stupid knot undone “
He was struggling to untie the cord of his sexy red speedos.
Listen I said “ I can try to help but perhaps we should move to the disabled shower so no one walks in and gets the wrong idea “
“ That would be awesome “he replied .
I walked around the corner of the still deserted change room to the disabled shower. I sat on the bench seat and he closed the door.
Now this was one of the more handsome older guys. He was quite muscular and I couldn’t believe my luck as his wet speedos were now right in front of my face.
I reached for the troublesome knot and as I did so he moved forward and I felt his cock brush against my forearm. I swallowed hard and went to work. His belly was flat so I had no trouble seeing the problem.
The black nylon cord was tied really tight in a granny knot . I got my hands on it and moved things around a bit enjoying seeing that wet red fabric move across his clearly circumcised cock .
As I worked on the knot , his cock seemed to grow bigger. The more I jiggled and wiggled , struggling with the knot , the more he seemed to move about, thrusting his hips forward causing his now much larger cock to brush against my arm .
Moments later I had the pesky knot undone. “ Done “ I said . “ Awesome “ he responded slipping his hands under the waistband, loosening them , revealing a neat bush of pubes and the base of his now nearly fully hard cock .
“ Thanks mate “ he said as he put his hand on my shoulder. “ No problem “ I replied looking up at him. We locked eyes and I detected a sexy gleam in his . The hand on my shoulder started pulling me forward and suddenly my face was buried in his pubes . In a flash his speedos were down around his ankles and his fat cut cock was just inches from my mouth .
Right then I heard someone call out “ Bob , are you in here ? I looked up and the guy in front of me responded “Yeah... in here “
“You having trouble getting your togs off again, are you? That seems to be happening quite a lot lately!
I looked up shocked, mouth open in disbelief to see Bob with a huge smile on his face and a super sexy twinkle in his eye . “ Yeah , it does, doesn’t it ! “ He called out to his mate as he pulled me forward and buried his big fat cock in my still wide open mouth.

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