A workmate surprises me

I used to work on the railways in a locomotive depot. There was one guy there who always got my blood pressure racing but he was out of reach. He had a missus and two kids. I "came out" at work to one guy who asked if I was gay. But another guy who must have been eaves dropping told everyone else at the depot. I was surprised that I found no hostility from other men and in this place as there was no women.
One night on back shift this guy I had the hots for was refueling locos and he came over to me and asked if I'd like a cuppa in his "humpy" which is a little office type room. He seemed rather nervous, most uncharacteristic for him. Well we had the usual small talk and then in a quiet voice he asked if I was gay. He was half off his chair as if he was ready to make a run for the door. When I answered yes and asked why he'd asked he told me that he'd had the hots for me for the last ten years.
Well he could have knocked me down with a feather and I told him I'd had the hots for him the first day all those years ago that I'd seen him. I told him that when we were signing off to go home you were on the platform outside the sign on room waiting to sign off and I was a couple of steps below you perving up your leg to try and see your cock on your undies. I forfeited my place in the queue making out I needed I needed to piss but I went into the toilet and had a wank instead. Anyway so this night we went and found a loco in a quiet area of the depot and he asked if he could suck my cock hard. It was too late for that as my cock was already rock hard. He had a bit of trouble and gagged a bit trying to get my cock down his throat but he eventually managed it. I was getting close to cumming and wanted to suck his cock. His cock was also rock hard with a nice forward bend to it so I had no trouble swallowing him right to his pubes. When he was getting close he asked to suck me again and so we swapped over. When I was getting close to cumming once again this time he didn't stop sucking and I blew a good and hard. He immediately slipped my cock out of his mouth and said 'Oh mate you almost blew my head off!'. I told him to keep sucking to get the rest of my cum juice which he did. I then sucked him to orgasm and he blasted five hot jets of creamy cum down my throat. God he tasted good!. We held each other in our arms and I went to kiss him but he pulled back saying my lips would probably be rough. I told him to try and see if they were. So we kissed a little before a long passionate kiss tasting our own cum in each others mouths
He'd had little experience with men but I was determined to change all that and as we both had the weekend off he came and stayed for the weekend.
We started by giving each other enemas to that we were nicely cleaned out and then we had a bath together and I washed him and he washed me. With a huge towel we dried each other off and went into the lounge room where I'd prepared an air mattress. We started by kissing with him laying on top of me. My fingers soon found his arsehole and with some lube I started working a finger into his arsehole. He moaned deeply and soon we rolled over with me on top of him and his fingers found my arsehole and he fingered me. He loved having his cock sucked and so I laid him on his back and started to suck his already hard cock but this time I licked his balls and licking further south my tongue found his puckered arsehole. He was now moaning loudly and said he wanted to lick my hole too. I lay on my stomach and he buried his face in my arse and gave my arsehole a good licking making it nice and wet.
He asked if he could fuck me and I certainly wasn't going to say no. He gently pushed the tip of his cock on my poo hole and with the aid of lube slid deep inside where he started to pound my hole. He gave me the fuck of my life but when he started to get close to cumming I got him to pull out as I wanted to fuck him too. Once again he was very nervous saying that he didn't think he'd be able to take my big cock. But with him lying on his stomach I just had to lick his tight arsehole again and making him nice and wet and with my lubed hard on I gently pressed my knob against his poo hole. I entered him very gently and eventually got my whole cock in him. I very gently started to slide my cock out and gently and slowly pushed it back in. After a little while his anus relaxed allowing me to increase my pace. Once I felt he'd been opened up by pumping my cock in and out him I pulled out of him and immediately put my tongue in his arsehole. He screamed in pleasure and asked to lie on his back. So I fucked him missionary style and kissed him too. That made me reach the point of no return quite quickly and he wanted to take my juice down his throat again. But this time it was too late and I gave him all my hot load deep inside him. His back arched off the mattress and he asked me to get on my back. He fucked me missionary and kissing me blew a huge load deep inside me. When his cock slid out of my ruined hole we cuddled and kissed each other and both of us fell to sleep in each others arms.

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