Public toilet grandpa

I accidentally noticed that the local shopping centre toilets were a bit of an action spot on a Friday afternoon with mainly older guys hanging around and the cubicles being used for fun.

So one afternoon when I was bored and horny I decided to check it out properly and went into the toilets to find a guy in his late 60-70s standing at the urinal with a pretty big hard-on and a silly smile on his face, which I couldn't help but return. Not sure exactly what to do, I made sure he knew I was looking at his cock and pull rout mine and gave it a few strokes before retreating to a cubicle and leaving the door unlocked.

My simple plan worked and he followed me in and locked the door behind him. He said nothing and pushed my shoulder shown to sit me on the toilet where his cock was aligned with my mouth and in it went, I sucked it and found myself immediately lost in the moment.

Such a nice big cock for an older guy, I slurped and gagged a little as I was aware of the noise I was making but still keen to get as much of this man's beautiful mature dick down my throat as I could. He fumbled at my crotch and wrestled my shorts off my hips and his hands rubbed my increasingly hard dick and lifted my balls reaching for my arse.

His finger pushed into my bum and I thought what the hell, I just turned around onto my knees on the toilet seat and pushed my bum in the air towards him. He spat on his fingers and rubbed my hot little hole to ready me, then I felt his cock push into me roughly but my arsehole opened up willingly to accept his grandad penis into me and slowly and a bit awkwardly he began to fuck me.

It was obvious someone else was in the bathroom but I was more interested in being fucked than being caught out, so I left the security up to him and he tentatively pumped my self-moistening arse until I could feel I had all of him in me and his balls were bouncing full against me. A few longer strokes, a press of his hips against my bum and a shoot of air out of his mouth and his cock spurted warm sperm deep into me and I was so hot I was oblivious to whatever noise I made but I'm sure I moaned pretty loud!

As these things sometimes go, nothing else was said as he slid his glistening cock out of me and I turned quickly enough to taste our sex on his glazed penis and mouth a quiet "thank you" to him before she tucked himself in and left me to clean myself up.

I left a few minutes later, to the knowing smiles of a few men sitting out the front in the mall. Cum oozed out of my bum as I walked back to the carpark and I was so horny I went straight home and wanked myself and fucked my gaping cum drenched hole with a vibrator.

I never saw him again. I never wen track to that toilet either. It was all over in about 5min but I still think of it one of the hottest fucks I've had especially since he barebacked and creamed me and we never spoke a word.

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