Beary Fun

There was a time where I thought I didn’t like hairy older men being hairy myself but boy was i wrong.
I remember back to this one time when I use to visit the local swimming pool quiet frequently and do the usual. Go swimming hop in the spa , you know what I mean. Well today was no ordinary day from the other. So I thought. I finished my swim and went up and hit the spa , it was already very steamy as I walked in but when I looked around I couldn’t see anyone so I get confused but didn’t pay attention to it. I then go find a seat in this steamy fog , waving my arms around trying to find a seat until I accidentally bump into someone instead , I then apologise as the steam clears up I look to see who he was, his name was John he was an older man around mid 40s , very hairy body , abit chubby and by himself in there before I came in. We then got too talking , he usually comes to the spa too relax and unwind, he then goes on to tell me that he’s seen me around here a couple times , i chuckled and said I’ve seen you around too , we both laughed looking at each other. The room starts to get steamy again but I can still see, I look over to John to see that he has taken his towel off , now usually I don’t go for hairy guys but he was so sexy. I couldn’t help myself so I took my towel off too, he came over telling me he’s a bottom , he already knew I was a top , he gets on his knees in front off my growing cock and starts to trace my cock with his tongue getting a good measurement for his mouth He then starts too put his mouth on the top of my cock and licking all over my tip, it felt sooo good , I couldn’t help myself so I pushed his head all the way down my cock and get him to start sucking my whole cock , he takes my hard rod deep in his mouth putting all of his saliva all over my cock dripping down my big full balls. He gets off my cock to tell me he loves my hairy body and rubbing his face in my hairy cock , that just turns me on even more as he continues to give me the sloppiest blowjob. John then gets up only to turn around and stick his big hairy ass up , I can see his puffy tight hole just ready for this sloppy cock but he wastes no time , he tells me too run my sloppy cock over his tight hole so it get can all sloppy and juicy , I start to fuck his big hairy cheeks , grinding my cock against his hole while all his saliva drips all over his sexy ass. I pull back to see that his hole is ready I slowly insert my hard cock in his hairy hole , the til goes in and it feels soo good Johns saliva dripping from my balls to his as he bend over the sauna seats , I start to pound him thrusting my cock balls deep every time while johns is moaning yelling out for more I watch my cock slide in and out watching the tip of my cock penetrating Johns tight hole , I start to shake, feeling that I’m going to cum soon so I put him on his back while I hold his legs up , I slide my cock back in again too start thrusting and pounding his hole as it’s stretching for my cock only, I look down too see John jerking off his hairy cock which turn me on even more I can feel my cum about too ejaculate so I start speeding up my thrusts pounding him continuously making him moan harder the urge to cum is hard too resist I look down too see that John is cumming shaking his hard cock so he can cum over both of us it was so hot ! That was my max point of ejaculation , I feel it coming now and coming hard I start speeding up even faster to get a couple more pumps in I then finish off with one big thrust balls deep and cum a HUGE load deep down his hole, I pull my cock out to watch him squirt my big thick load out of his ass , it was so thick and so much came of but I didn’t let him waste it, my cock was still hard so I quickly put my cock back in his hole and started to pump him hard again so that my cum can spread all in his hole too remember me and John loves the idea, I pull my cock back out again and grab my towel to go hit the shower , I look back over to John to see that he’s full of cum , out of breath and fully ‘ relaxed and unwinded ‘ he starts thanking me and we say our goodbyes,after that hot fuck my view for bears is changed , My biggest turn ons now are for hairy mature men. we traded numbers and have met up a couple more times after but in more safer places.
Maybe you’ll find out , sometime ;)

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