Darwin saline balls part 2

I meet Harry that i meet earlier from the nude beach at the bar at our motel we both grabbed a drink and went to a cubicle table type of thing it was dimly lit so we sat together and after a few more drinks we started gey a bit loose we realized it was a gay frendly bar so we started to kiss quite passionately and all i could think of was his gigantic balls.
I sagested we go for a swim in the pool it was getting quite late so we went of to our rooms to put on our speedos and meet at the pool to my seprise Harry turned up in a very see trough white gstring which was straining to hold hes ball's in there were a couple of other guys around the pool that were playing around with each other grabbing at each other's cocks etc when thay saw Harry there eyes couldn't stop looking at his bulgeing man hood and i made it quite clear it was mine to play with.
We got into the pool and started kissing very passionately Harry pulled my cock out of my speedos and I was hard as a teenager i grabbed at Harrysballs and cock i could feelthat he had a wide leather ball spreader on which made his balls hang like a bull and now I could feel the fullness of his cock and in wanted it so bad at which point I said take me back to his room and fuck me bareback hard and deep.
When we got out of the pool i notice the other two guys were hard and playing with each other and i thourght there eyes were going to pop out when Harry got out that white gstring wasn't hideing much as we walked off to his room i rubbed his balls as to say to our onlookers this is mine fuck off.
No sooner had we walked in the door we ripped our speedos off and now i could see Harrys package in the full he had a black leather studded bull spreader on about 3 iniches wide and his bulls were nearly hanging to his knees and thay looked even bigger than at the beach fuck i wanted so bad to have them slapping my ass.
Harry dropped to his knees and started sucking on my cock like a vacuum pump fuck he new how to suck cock i said i won't take long to cum if he cept this up at which point he grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into his mouth i cm not long after and he milked and swollow every last drop i got up and we tong kissed and he had saved some cum for me i lovemy own cum yummo.
Well now he told me to get on all fours and was going to fuck me bareback hard and deep and all i could think about was those butiful big balls slapping my ass he lubed up my man pussy fingering me for awile then he lubed up his cock now that he had that ball spreader on i hadn't realized how big is cock was swollen it was 9inches uncut and really fat.
He slowly entered me inch by glorious inch my pussy was so ready i hadn't noticed that he was all the way in until I could feel his balls against my ass at which point I said fuck me hard please he started off slow building up momentum and soon after he was pounding me hard his balls we're swinging like a wrecking ball thay were swinging up and hit my cock which was really hard and slapping it into my stomach wow this was the best fuckingI'd ever had i lowered my head to the floor so i could feel every thrust and ball slap against my cock i could tell he wasnt far from cumming and with his balls slapping my cock i was about to cum also well i get really vocal when getting fucked this good and i was very very very vocal when he cum it was the most cum I've ever had in my man pussy and to his seprise i cum as well as he slowed his cum started squirting out of my pussy there was a lot of cum it was every wear his and mine i colapsed to the floor Harryscock still in me i told him just to lay there ontop of me and let his cock slowly fall out we eventually got up and went to the shower with cum dripping from my pussy lots of cum the end.

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