Friday night drinks fire drum is burning sitting around with mates chatting and laughing. I decide to get the spa going jumps in to my boardies and hops in my white boardies show of my pink jockstrap nicely. I jump in and hop out to warm near the fire a couple of the guys Jay and Luke (brothers) are whispering and laughing I can see that Luke's bulge is growing quite rapidly. Jay asks are you wearing pink undies? I respond by jumping back in the spa and throwing my boardies at him and saying why don't you hop in and find out. Luke runs over and jumps in the spa grabs me and picks me up and yells out to Jay to come and help him. Jay walks over and drops his dacks to reveal a 12 inch cock tells me to lean over the side of the spa so he can face fuck me. I take his cock in my mouth and he takes my head with both hands and fucks my mouth he is moaning and says to Luke give this slut what he needs before the others get here. Luke grabs my ass and spreads my cheeks then starts to rub his cock against my hole. While a am choking on Jay's cock I feel warm piss squirting over my ass the Luke slips it inside me and continues to pee slowly he starts to thrust I can feel his piss squirting out of my ass. Luke starts slapping my cheeks and I can feel his cock getting harder and harder. Jay is moaning and he starts to yell I am going to cum I keep sucking him as his cum spurts down my throat. That's when I realise that my other mates have just turned up a no been watching me. I apologize as the cum is dripping from my mouth. JAY yells out and says this slut needs more dick and starts to pee allover me and Luke.I feel Luke shudder as his cum spurts inside my hole. Jay grabs one of the other guys and says stick your cock in there Johnny is dark and has a very nice member to go with his sexy body he tells Luke to pull out so he can plough my hole . Luke starts to pass me and lick the cum from my lips as johnny slams his huge meat into me by this stage there is cum and piss squirting all over Johnny's balls as he is pounding my soaking hole Luke slips underneath me and starts sucking my nipples as he rubs his still swollen cock around my balls . Jay bends over in front of me and start to lick his juicy hole and tight balls I start to feel Luke's warm piss squirting all over my balls and ass as johnny pulls out and squirts all over my hole he grabs my ass and shoves it down onto Luke 's squirting cock as Luke starts thrusting again Johnny calls Jay over to help his brother as I start to drink Johnny's piss and cum all I can think is I have two hot brothers squirting in my bum.If you would like to read more please rate.

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