my first big dick

was around 2 months ago on here i met an older guy with a very fat 8-9 inch weapon. I had only been topped by 4 other men before and all were small to average.
he was big. He got me very relaxed with his tongue and hands and then in he went (with a condom), well wow i was full. took a little while to relax but then it was so damn hot i was taking all of it and quite hard. He pulled out for a while and go one of his toys out which wasnt small either and vibrated and just held it in me to keep me open. Then back in he went, i had my ass pointed straight up and he pounded me and i was rock hard and came. totally amazing. if he just wacked it in i think i wouldnt of liked it but nice and easy till i relaxed and then gave it to me and i want more.
so there are a couple of my firsts for you guys to enjoy hehehe.
im not a full slut havent had that many guys but I am happy to share the stories about it.

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