my first group play

I was at shed 16 only been there a couple of times and quite nervous at at a place like that. I was sitting in the dark steam room. hard to see but there must of been 5-6 guys in there. A guy came over and started to suck my cock and was so hot knowing there was other guys in there. He slide a finger in me and quite quickly 2 other guys came over with there hand over me and both went down to my butt and cold tell i had a finger in me and and they both entered me with there fingers a s well, so i was legs spread up in the air held by 2 guys with all 3 of them had a finger each in my ass and they were taking turns sucking me while a few other guys were watching, hard to see but im sure they could work out what was going on.
I had a cock in each hand and was in heaven and ended up cumming so hard.

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