my first

i was walking home from the club hitchhiking on the gold coast in my mid 20's and guy picked me up by a guy in his 30's and ask if i wanted to go back to his place for a drink. thought why not. we ended up playing strip poker and to be honest i wanted to loose and i did. He asked if he could feel my ass and i was ok with it, quite drunk and out of know where he had my ass spread while i was standing and rimmed me,well i loved it and let him go for it. He ended up getting his cock in me, to be honest it hurt a bit but also nice, i could see once i was use to it it would be hot so we ended up hanging out for a few months and he show me what good anal was all about.
after that i didnt play with another guy for 10 or so year, not sure why but im loving it now. lol

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