Last Summer

Almost true but lets call some of it fantasy
I often go to the local pool to cool off in summer and to look at the nice bodies.
One day last year when I though I was being careful with my perving this older guy
came and sat beside me on the grass overlooking the pools. He had his towel
around his waist and when he took it off to sit on I couldn't help tp see his
limp cock in his Speedos.
"I see you here most days lately"he said
"Yea its been pretty hot"
"Do you like what you see" I nodded.
"You have a nice bod do you want me to put on some suncream"
ÖK I said and he had me rool on my stomach and pulled a tube from his bag.
He rubbed it slowly into my shoulders then my back . It felt good.
His fingers slipped under mty Speedos right on the arse crack and I could feel
my cock getting stiff.
You have a nice arse". I'd like to oil that up"
MMM I mumbled my cock now hard underneath my body.
I don't live far away why don't we continue there""
Ök but I have such a boner we will have to wait a while"
"Me too"" And I imagined his Speedos straining his hard cock.
""My name is Doug"
and we waited about 5 mins and packed up and headed to Doug's car. It was only
a 10 minute trip and we pulled up at some units and went inside.
Doug offered me a beer but when I dropped his towel his cock was straining
against his Speedos so went towards him.

I turned my head and Dougs face was right up in front of mine. He leaned
his forehead into my forehead. I could feel his breathing on my face. He
closed his eyes and pressed his lips softly on to mine. He kissed me
gently. Then he kissed me again. I opened my mouth and his tongue quickly
found mine. I sucked on his tongue and he sucked on mine. His hands grabbed
my face as we kissed longer and harder. His mouth tasted so good. He pushed
my shoulders back and crawled up to straddle me. I could feel his boner rub
up against my stomach through his Speedos. He started grinding his ass onto
my hard dick as he sat in my lap. Our mouths continued to kiss and suck
while I felt his hand reach up under my shirt to rub the skin of my stomach
and chest. I snuck my hands into the back of his t-shirt and slid the shirt
up and off of his body. He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. We made out
some more as we layed down on the couch with him on top, bare chest against
bare chest. Dry humping our hard cocks together, I reached around and
started squeezing his ass through his Speedos before I slid my hands under
to caress and knead his smooth butt cheeks. He broke our kiss and
he stood up from the couch. He kicked off his shoes.He stood in front of me
as I sat on the couch. The tip of his hard throbbing dick oozed a wet spot of
precum on his Speedos. I wanted to taste that wet spot.
I reached out and grabbed Doug by the waist and pulled his bulge into my
face. He grabbed the back of my head and rubbed his dick and balls all over
my cheeks, my nose, my lips. I opened my mouth and started sucking on the
tip of his cock through his Speedos, getting a taste of his sweet
precum. His dick was hot and hard. Doug moaned as he thrust himself into my
face. I reached up and yanked his swimmers down and finally took his bare
cock into my mouth. He gasped and moaned as he fucked my face, his hands on
the back of my head pulling me towards him. I reached around and grabbed
and squeezed his firm little ass with both hands. Spit drooled out of my
mouth as his dick hit the back of my throat again and again. "I'm gonna
cum, I'm gonna cum" he gasped. I felt the first spurt of hot cum fill the
back of my throat. Then he pulled out of my mouth and more hot gooey juice
splashed onto my face and lips. I looked up to watch his face while he
shot his load on me. His eyes were closed in ecstasy and his mouth
stiffened while he grunted and moaned. I took his dripping dick back into
my mouth and sucked more jizz out of it. His knees buckled a bit as he
looked down at my cum covered face. He got down on his knees and started
licking his load off of my face. Then he shoved his cum covered tongue into
my mouth and we frenched. He kissed and licked all over my face again and
returned to my mouth to feed me more of his cum with his tongue and lips.
Then he pushed me back against the couch and pulled off my shoes and
socks. He pulled off my swimmers and He grabbed my throbbing dick and
started jerking me off real hard and fast. Then he bent
down and started sucking my cock while he jerked me off into his mouth. He
started rubbing and playing with my balls with his hand while his mouth
went up and down on my cock. I didn't know how long I would last as as much as I loved it
I violently came > Doug kept sucking until he had it all.
"Now lets have that beer and I will explore that sexy bubble butt"

Let me know because we continued..

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