A Balmy Night in Adelaide

As a relatively small city and in the mid-seventies, Adelaide did not have a clearly defined gay scene and sometimes heterosexual men found themselves in hotels catering to the gay population.
On occasions half-drunk men abused me, although they eventually calmed down, able to appreciate that there was no malice intended towards them.
One evening when visiting a newly-advertised gay bar I happened to be near one of the former patrons and greeted him in a friendly manner, but he brandished his fist and threatened to hit me if I tried anything queer.
Having assured him that would not happen and being fairly drunk he soon forgot the incident and became sociable.
After a few drinks, I suggested we go for a drive to see if we could find some women, something he was eager to do.
Strangely, we did not find any, and after some time driving around without any luck, I suggested we were getting nowhere, and maybe he should let me give him some excitement instead.
To my surprise he agreed, and when I suggested we go into a park where it would be private, he again amazed me as he was quite happy to do so, not minding the attentions of a man.
I was holding this straight man's cock and playing with his arse while under the cover of a cypress tree when a police car came around the corner flashing a spotlight. In a blind panic, he pulled up his pants and raced towards the car forgetting there was a thick strand of wire fencing, hitting it at hip height, and after a complete cartwheel landed heavily on his back.
I dragged this working man, drunk and now in shock, to the car and returned him to the city.
He was never seen again; maybe he was disgusted with what he did or maybe he died of shock somewhere, either way, I was sorry as he was most attractive, and I would have driven him around the city looking for women anytime he liked!


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